Five Ways To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

When the 5G era arrives, the internet will get faster for everybody. Unfortunately, the 5G era isn't really here yet. The technology exists, and a few masts have been installed, but most places in the world are a few years away from being able to take advantage of the incredible...

5 Ways You Can Guard Against A Ransomware Attack

Ten years ago, the biggest internet-related fear of almost every business or individual online was the risk of hacking. It probably still is today. Back then, though, hackers were likely to access your computer through compromised software, usually caused by a virus. We were all told never to click on...

3 Best Practices for Technical Authoring

Written instructions in form of technical documents are diligently followed by workers who aim to perform a given task with efficiency and consistency. These documents in turn form the instruction medium for the task to get performed correctly and what added materials are to be required to effectively conduct the...

The 7 Qualities of a Great Developer!

What makes a great developer? Is it the programming languages or frameworks they specialize in? Or is it the algorithms and tools they use? Technical sufficiency and specialization are absolutely necessary, but it’s the way a developer builds on their technical skills that sets them apart. What makes a developer...

Jobs You Can Get With Cisco Certification

As soon as a person obtained a cert of Cisco, they would get prepared to take more responsibilities in the networking role or get specialization. Once you are out in a field to search for a job, some special job titles are linked with dedicated Cisco examinations. It is a...

Engage the security community for your small business!

Studies and data reveal that spending on cybersecurity has increased considerably in recent years. More businesses are aware of the security concerns and the possible consequences of data theft. Even for something like DVR hack, your company can be in great trouble with the agencies. Beyond compliance, cybersecurity holds relevance...

What Makes an Effective Website Design?

Effective website design is judged by users instead of the owners. A lot of factors impact a site’s usability and aside from the form, the function also matters. Poorly-designed websites perform poorly and have sub-optimal Google Analytics metrics. So, what exactly makes effective web design? Keep reading to know the...
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