Why You Should Consider Laser Surgery; Heal Myopia

Every year, thousands of people experience the onset of short-sightedness, also known as myopia. Some choose to go the prescription glasses way while others opt for contact lenses. However, more people are considering laser surgery for quicker, longer-lasting results.

Ways Myopia Affects Daily Living

Myopia affects people in different ways depending on the degree and while it is generally a manageable condition, it affects people in the following ways:

Limits Safety

Myopia can expose you to danger, where visibility matters. For instance, driving becomes a high-risk event as it is harder to read signs and see other road users.

Can Lead to Complications

Studies link myopia as a precursor to other more serious eye conditions like cataracts, myopic macular degeneration, glaucoma and detachment of the retina.

Costly to Manage

With the demands of modern living, prescription glasses and contact lenses can leave your pockets dented, given that they don’t last long.

Limits Quality of Life

Poor vision greatly hinders you from enjoying everyday activities like swimming and sports. You cannot swim with spectacles and it would be hazardous to play hockey while wearing them.

Benefits of Laser Surgery

Although laser surgery is a costly procedure, the benefits are well documented and worth every consideration. If you are contemplating laser surgery, look up optometrist Springfield to book appointments and grab a multitude of benefits, including:

Fast Recovery

Laser surgery patients recover quickly and may be able to report back to their routine after a few days. However, take care not to expose your eyes to strong sunlight and dusty environments to keep infections and regression at bay.

Affordable in the Long Run

The intitial costs of laser surgery are beyond the reach of many people. However, once you pay for the procedure, you can forget about periodic visits to the eye hospital that cost a lot of money cumulatively.

Permanent Results

Laser eye surgery is the only treatment that gives permanent results. Once the procedure is done and successful, you can enjoy perfect eyesight for many decades without hitches.

Ditch Prescription Glasses for Good

Prescription glasses are not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a hassle remembering where you last placed them every morning. Dropping your glasses in public places is even worse, you might never see them again, and when you do, they will be in pieces and worthless.

Improved Confidence

Wearing glasses can be a source of poor self-image, especially in youngsters. School going kids who wear spectacles attract the attention of bullies and end up feeling they would be better off without them. Laser surgery takes away the need for glasses and boosts their confidence.

Open to Future Adjustments

In case your eyes develop problems in future, you can still go back to your eye doctor to have further corrective surgery and maintain proper eyesight.

Laser surgery is worth every consideration if your optometrist advises for it. Many people  hesitate to give it a try, fearing complications. However, with a proper patient profile, your optometrist ensures that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. This in necessary to reduce risks related to the surgery.