How to Apply for Green Card using a paid immigration service?

If you are a foreigner staying in the US and want to settle in that country then you will require a green card. The green card is the gateway to permanent residency in the US. That is the reason why every year thousands of people apply for a green card. However, the process of immigration is very long and complex. Hence, it is always better to go for a paid immigration service so that you can get the green card in a quick interval.

Generally, there are three main ways to get the USA Green Card and they are getting a family-based green card, getting an employment-based green card, and winning the green card lottery. However, getting a green card is quite easier when you will use a paid immigration service. But before you make the payment it is important to check whether you are eligible for the card or not. Apart from that, it is also necessary to check what fees you have to pay for the green card.  

In the US, all the immigrant needs to pay the USCIS immigrant fees if you want to become a lawful permanent resident in the country. The fees that USCIS takes from the immigrant are used to process the immigrant visa packet. Once the file is processed the immigrant gets the permanent resident card which is commonly called a Green card. However, it is always recommended to pay for the USCIS Immigrant fees soon after you pick the immigrant visa from the Department of the State so that before you depart for the United States your files will get processed and you will get the green card quickly. 

Generally, the fee for the USCIS immigrant is $200 although it may differ from case to case. However, the USCIS immigrant officials will calculate the fee automatically at the time of submitting the payment. Some people may also do not need to pay for the USCIS immigrant fee. For example, if any children entered the United States under Hague or orphan adoption program then he or she will not require paying any kind of fee in the name of the immigrant fee. Again Iraqi and Afgan are considered to be the special immigrant of the USA and so the US Government do not collect an immigrant fee from them and they can get the green card without paying the immigrant fee. Those who are returning lawful permanent residents are also exempted from immigrant fees. Apart from that, K nonimmigrants also do not need to pay immigrant fees. 

If a person cannot pay for the immigrant fee then on his behalf his family member, friend, or employer or attorney or his representative can also the fees. However, in such cases, they will require the Alien Number (A-Number) and Department of State (DoS) Case ID. Generally, the DOS interviewing officer of the US embassy or consulate gives a USCIS immigrant fee handout. In that handout, you will get all the instruction about paid immigration service.