Engage the security community for your small business!

Studies and data reveal that spending on cybersecurity has increased considerably in recent years. More businesses are aware of the security concerns and the possible consequences of data theft. Even for something like DVR hack, your company can be in great trouble with the agencies. Beyond compliance, cybersecurity holds relevance for other reasons. It helps in safeguarding your brand and taking the trust of clients and investors to the next level. That said, cybersecurity is all about being proactive, and this post is dedicated to the security community. Read on to find how the security community can help your business. 

Ethical hacking explained

Hacking is illegal – ethical hacking is not. Simply put, ethical hacking is an arrangement, where a business grants access to ethical hackers to “hack” into networked devices, networks and IT environments, with the intention to find possible flaws and security vulnerabilities. Most ethical hackers try to find bug bounty programs, and they are required to report security flaw and vulnerabilities. In other words, ethical hackers cannot blackmail a company after they have figured out an issue. 

How to engage the security community?

You can either choose to have ethical hackers working for your company, or run a bug bounty program. Most big brands do the latter, where they pay ethical hackers for the work they do, based on terms and conditions of the program. There are companies that engage ethical hackers for your business, as per requirements. The idea is to ensure that the security community becomes useful for your company. Don’t shy away from asking questions, or reconfirming a particular issue, after it has been reported. 

Other factors to consider

It is important to understand that ethical hacking helps in finding flaws within a company’s security perimeters. However, this doesn’t mean that more vulnerabilities don’t exist, or your business is entirely immune to cyberattacks. With the security community, it is possible to be proactive with your security measures, so that possible issues are fixed in time. Of course, there is a cost involved for this, but considering the consequences of a breach, that price is worth paying. You can always choose to engage professional services to use ethical hacking in an effective and scaled manner.  

Final word

Your business needs to think ahead of the real hackers, and that’s only possible, when you think beyond simple security measures. Check online now to find more ethical hacking.