Choosing a Meth Rehab in Orange County CA

Crystal meth can be very hard to quit once addicted since chronic meth abuse leads to certain lasting changes in the brain. When someone who is addicted abruptly quits, it can lead to severe depression. However, there are different options for meth rehab in Orange County CA that can help you get clean. There are certain things to keep in mind when choosing a program to fit your situation, budget, and needs. Without strong support and formal treatment, you can be more vulnerable to relapse.

Choosing an Inpatient Facility

There are two different types of meth rehab in Orange County CA to consider. An inpatient setting will give you a safe place to live, along with 24-hour treatment and support. Outpatient facilities allow you to live at home and come to treatment on a specific schedule.

The thought of going to a residential facility may seem more overwhelming since you are there for the duration of treatment and not going to work or school or being able to fulfill your day-to-day operations. The structure of a residential program can be beneficial for many people. Once you quit crystal meth the withdrawal symptoms will emerge. Withdrawal symptoms can be distressing so it’s much easier to immediately return to using in order to alleviate them. This can promote a cycle of use, quitting, and relapse, making it even harder to quit. A residential facility can help with withdrawal symptoms and going to one sooner rather than later can help avoid or prevent some of the negative effects that can happen with crystal meth abuse.

If you have a good support system then you are able to go to a treatment center where you live. If you don’t have a support system or there are too many negative influences in your current area then traveling to a treatment center can give you a better chance for recovery.

How Long Should Treatment Last?

The length of treatment will depend on different factors, such as addiction severity, mental health status, and insurance coverage. Some individuals choose to start out with a one-month residential program and then continue treatment with an outpatient program. For more severe cases, inpatient treatment can last up to three months.

Knowing What Happens during Treatment

By educating yourself on what will happen during treatment, you can pick the right treatment facility. Most facilities will follow a set pattern. It begins with taking addiction and medical history information. This includes how long an individual has been taking the drug and other factors that have led to addiction. Then the detoxification process happens. Sometimes you may get supportive medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms. There will be different kinds of therapy throughout treatment, including group and individual therapy. There should be aftercare support in order to prevent relapse.