Here’s what a car accident attorney can do for you!

Injured in a car accident? Are your injuries a result of someone’s negligence behind the wheel? If yes, you should consider hiring an attorney for your case. Personal injury laws are complicated, and car accidents can be even more complicated, especially when more than two parties are involved. Right after the accident, call emergency services and share details related to your accident. If your injuries are severe, get medical assistance first. Try and take images of the accident site and note as many details as possible. You may want to know more on car accident laws, and it is also essential to figure out what your claim is worth and if you should file a personal injury lawsuit, which is possible in Texas. In this post, we are discussing more on what an experienced Houston car accident attorney can do for you. 

Know your rights

In Texas, you can file an insurance claim with the insurance company of the party at fault directly, for which you don’t need a lawyer. However, what’s your claim worth? What if the insurance company denies the claim? A car accident attorney is your best bet at ensuring that you don’t make an unwanted mistake that can impact your compensation. Insurance companies will want to reduce their financial liability to the best possible extent, so they wouldn’t be empathetic towards you. Insurance adjusters often expect victims to settle for whatever is being offered, assuming they are distressed. 

Find more on Texas car accident laws

Texas follows the comparative fault rule, so if you have a part role in the accident, you may lose out on a considerable part of deserved compensation otherwise. There is also a statute of limitations in the state, just like in other states. You have a deadline of two years to file the personal injury lawsuit, but that doesn’t mean you should wait for that long. Act as quickly as possible and ensure that you inform your car accident attorney at the earliest. As for filing the insurance claim, most lawyers will initiate the process for their clients, but negotiation only starts after a while when the victim has recovered, so as to understand the extent of losses. 

Hiring a car accident attorney in Texas is entirely your personal call, but with the right law firm working for your claim and lawsuit, you can expect fair compensation for your losses and suffering.