Advantages and Disadvantages of a Roof Box

You will find vehicles with roof boxes in all places you visit. They use that for easy loading of the luggage to be carried by the travellers. Different kind of roof boxes are available; you need to choose as per your preferences.

There are certain advantages as well as disadvantages of a roof box. It is significant to get an idea of the benefits and disadvantages of the roof boxes before purchasing them.

Advantages or benefits of car roof boxes

The following are the different benefits that can be derived by using roof boxes.

Extra space

While going for a vacation with all family members or friends in a car, you would require to carry luggage along. Roof boxes help in carrying the luggage while conducting such tours or vacations.

Placing the luggage and similar other items on the roof boxes would leave ample space inside the car. It will help people to travel the entire journey comfortably. 

It can be used whenever required

Removing roof boxes from your car tops is very easy. However, if you want to avoid the hassles of removing and placing the same often, you can leave the roof boxes as it is. They can be used as and when required. Leaving them as it is on the car’s roof can help make any trips at any time comfortable with extra luggage on the roof boxes. 

Effective investment

Investments in roof boxes are efficient as the materials used in their manufacture are sturdy. This makes them strong and helps them to last long without fading, cracking or tearing over time.

Most of the roof boxes are made of materials that are UV, rust and water-resistant. These features help them to last long. They are also available in the market at affordable prices that people can purchase in varied income ranges. Roof boxes can be easily moved from one vehicle to another, which makes them good to use.

It helps keep the belongings secured and safe

Keeping the belongings in the roof boxes are safe. These roof boxes are mostly available with the facility of lock and key. The locks and keys used in these roof boxes are strong and sturdy, which is difficult for the burglars to break and get access to the objects stored in them. 

Disadvantages of car roof boxes

Apart from the above benefits, there are certain disadvantages associated with the roof boxes. The following are some of the disadvantages:

Might affect gas mileage

The presence of roof boxes can impact the gas mileage irrespective of the type of vehicle being used. Aerodynamic roof boxes allow lesser drag which helps to provide better mileage. However, the vehicle will be using more gas compared to what it will without roof boxes.

It cannot be used all the time

If the usage of the roof boxes is comparatively low, then the product might seem expensive to some people. People usually need roof boxes for outings. Moreover, if it is not removed when not used, it may affect the vehicle’s gas mileage as well.