Hire prime employment discrimination attorneys at Long Island


On Long Island, employment discrimination is wrong in all aspects of employment, including hiring, promoting, and laying off workers. Employment discrimination can take multiple forms; thus, it is imperative for workers to know and exercise their rights under the New York State Human Rights Law and other federal statutes. 

Employees in a wide spectrum of employment discrimination cases are defended by Long Island Employment Discrimination Lawyers. Discrimination in the workplace can be distressing for the employee who is the subject of such abuse, but Long Island employment discrimination lawyers also understand that retaliation after participating in complaint processes can be exhausting for other employees.

Why Long Island Workplace Discrimination Attorneys?

Long Island Discrimination Lawyers handle a broad variety of claims. They routinely assist employees with the following:

  • Discrimination based on race – Racial discrimination is unlawful in the hiring, promotion, and dismissal of employees. When an employer knows they have been the victim of prejudice workplace discrimination on Long Island, it is vital to understand more about how to lodge a complaint. Employees in New York are often granted more protections within state law.
  • Gender bias – Both federal and state laws outlaw gender discrimination. Discrimination based on sex is forbidden under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission clarifies that “discrimination against one exclusively because of gender identity, such as transgender status, or sexuality is discrimination on the basis of sex is a contravention of Title VII.”
  • Age discrimination – If one were denied employment because of their age, asked inappropriate questions about one’s age in a job interview, fired because of one’s age, or faced retaliation after filing an age discrimination claim, they may be able to get coverage as they had been wronged.
  • Marital status discrimination – One must be judged on their qualifications, qualifications, and personal qualities, not on prejudices or preconceived assumptions based on marital status.
  • Prejudice based on one’s records of felony – Regardless of whether a person has a criminal past, they have the option to apply for jobs and be hired. Even though they have served their sentences and are working persistently to make significant improvements in their life, many New York citizens who have been convicted of criminal charges are anxious that they will not be able to find a job.


If one were denied a promotion because of their age or because one became pregnant, if one were harassed because of their sexual orientation or race, or if one were chastised because of their religion, they do not have to suffer in silence or tolerate these abuses. Taking a stand could encourage co-workers who have suffered similar maltreatment.