Top mistakes to dodge in your Utah divorce

Eventually, when all efforts to save your marriage have failed, you have to think of divorce. This is expectedly not an easy decision and can impact your emotionally and mentally. It is also time to consider all relevant aspects related to the divorce¸ because this is more than just a change in your marital status. In this post, we are sharing top mistakes that you must avoid in your Utah divorce. 

Mistake 1- Not knowing your options

Utah allows for both fault-based and no-fault divorces. The latter is your easiest way to end a marriage. It is necessary to understand that circumstances surrounding a divorce may be unique, and what may have worked for someone else may not work for you. Talk to an attorney to know how the divorce process will pan out for you. 

Mistake 2 – Not seeking protection against domestic violence

People wrongly assume only direct physical harm would count as domestic violence. If your spouse has been threatening your family, or you fear imminent harm because of what you endured in your marriage, you must consult an attorney. Check online to find a well-rated Sandy domestic violence lawyer, and the attorney can get a restraining order. 

Mistake 3 – Having an affair

Until your divorce is finalized, staying away from affairs and dating will be a wise advice. Depending on the circumstances, your affair will only escalate the tension in your divorce, and your spouse may use that as an excuse to ask for child custody, or deny alimony. If you are having an affair, let your lawyer know. 

Mistake 4 – Not prepping for financial aspects

If you file for divorce, you are required to pay the court costs. Utah laws require couples to go through compulsory divorce education class if they have minor children. There is also the cost of hiring an attorney. Make sure that you are prepped about the financial aspects of the divorce, including how you will manage on your own, if you have to leave the marital home. 

Mistake 5 – Not listening to your lawyer

When you are stressed about the divorce and its consequences, you don’t want to take important decisions immediately. People often don’t listen to their lawyers, because they believe that they know better. Your lawyer is the only person on your side when you start divorce discussions with your spouse. 

Check online for top family law attorneys in Sandy, and ask for a personal meeting.