Why do Beach Body Models Need to Take a Full Body Spray Tanning Before Competition?

Hot young fit woman on golden sun by the sea

Too much exposure to natural sun and full body spray are two ways to achieve a tan. Beach body models often take full body spray tanning before a competition. Sunless spray tanning comes with various advantages. Compared to other methods of body tanning, spray tanning is considered safe and more effective.

By opting for spray tanning services, models ensure that they get an even body appearance, which they can flaunt with confidence. Besides, spray tanning takes a shorter time than other methods that take a lot of time.

Benefits of Full Body Spray Tanning

If you’re wondering why beach models opt for full-body spray tanning before they compete, here are the benefits of this method:

It makes them look and feel good

As mentioned earlier, spray tanning boosts confidence. Especially when done for the first time, it makes one feel proud of her body in a new look that radiates with a beautiful smile. The new look comes with psychological benefits, which include improved self-esteem.

It improves physical appearance

Beach body models are quite concerned about their physical appearance. For this reason, they choose full body spray tanning to uplift their physical appearance just before the competition. It’s the same reason professionals and competitive bodybuilders get body spray tanning to accentuate important features of their bodies, such as the muscles, teeth, and eyes.

For beach body models, getting a sunless spray tan gives them a more sculpted physique with brighter eyes and even whiter teeth. This eventually instills more confidence in the competitor.

It protects the body against harmful UV rays

If used in moderation, Ultraviolet Rays can help boost vitamin D supply. However, too much exposure to UV rays is dangerous to the skin. Sunless tanning prevents sunburn and too much exposure to UV rays. Additionally, it delivers an even tan, as opposed to other methods.

The tanning product contains FDA-certified ingredients

If you visit a professional tanning center like, you get FDA-approved products for tanning. This further boosts the confidence of the users because they know they’re using safe ingredients. Professionals often prioritize their clients’ health and ensure that their services are safe and enjoyable.

Users should always visit certified tanning centers to get quality services regarding full body spray tanning. At BR SunSpa, you can be sure of the safe services of sunless spray tanning.

Sunless spray tanning delivers natural-looking results that match the user’s skin tone. With just one visit, a user can achieve a well-tanned body. The process is purely cosmetic and doesn’t provide complete protection from the sun. Some indoor tanners use sunless spray tanning alongside sunbed tanning.

This method is referred to as “Cocktail tanning.” It delivers the perfect sunless color that most models are looking for. The spray tan takes between 4 and 6 hours and can last up to one week. Indoor tanning removes the “guesswork” of outdoor tanning. Delivered by professionals, it’s easy, safe, convenient, and private.