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Why Should One Invest In A Water Heater Filter System?


The main thing that destroys water heaters whether they are traditional or tankless is the scale. Water heater filters are anti-scale products. To protect the appliances from scale and to retain minerals in the water solution, a hot water heater filter is required.

Usually when hard water enters the heater and when the heating starts, the scaling minerals will come from the solution, and this, in turn, creates a rock inside the heater. Water filters in heaters can protect the heater along with the pipes, fixtures, and all plumbing connections that are supplied by the water heater. The scaling minerals and debris accumulate at the heating element which in turn decreases heating efficiency and the water heater will break down prematurely.

Importance of water heater filter for the water heaters

All water heater filters should handle the main important things that are listed below along with a few additional tasks.

  • The hot water heater filter should remove sediment, rust, dirt, and other matter which will be found in the water supply that is incoming into the heater.
  • The water heater should help in losing the existing deposits of the scale minerals that are there in the water heater. Whenever the water heater is installed, simultaneously the water heater filter should also be installed immediately.
  • The water heater filter should stop the scaling from forming itself. These filters will create a thin layer that protects from depositing scale and corrosion on the metal surfaces.

Reasons for the formation of scale on the water heater surface

The main cause of the scale on the water that has to be removed by hot water heater filter is hard water. Usually, hard water will contain minerals like calcium and magnesium and many other metals. Due to the heating, these minerals and compounds attach to the elements that are used for heating.


The disadvantage because of this scaling is that these water heaters will have less efficiency as the scale will absorb the energy from the heating elements and hence the water heater will not heat the water supply.

When to replace the water heater filter?

It is recommended to change the filters once per year. The water heater cartridge should be checked every 6 months and the best way to ensure this is by turning the filter upside down and hearing the filter media rattling sound.


This filter should be replaced as the scale materials will make it less functional over a period of time. The life of the filter will depend on the amount of water that is flowing through the filter and the hardness of the water.

Functions of a good water heater filter system

  • The water heater filter will extend the life of the water heater.
  • It will be sufficient if the water filter is changed instead of the high-cost change of the entire heater and the system.
  • The operating costs will be less in the long run, if the water heater filter is efficient.


Water heater filters do not filter the water that is going through the system. It instead filters the sediment and dirt that are disposed of and attached to the lining of the heaters. It helps to stop the formation of the scale in the water heater.