What Does Step 5 of AA Consist of?

What is step 5 aa?

Step 5 aa is known as “confession.” This is the step where people are able to admit to God, ourselves, and to other human beings regarding their wrongs. It follows a very strict inventory that is written regarding a person’s wrongs. This is a crucial step to healing. It is a twelve-step program that has been built surrounded by willingness, surrender, trust, honesty, courage, and spiritual principals.

Ability to Overcome Fear

Being able to overcome fear is important but also seen as a natural reaction when it comes to confession. The thought of confronting your wrongs and bringing out all secrets that you have held in for a very long time can be extremely terrifying. You will delay moving forward in the process if you allow those feelings of fear to take over. In order to progress to step five, passing step four of AA is critical because it is preparation for the next step. As you are able to overcome any fear of rejection or shame that you may have, you will experience honesty that is deeper than what you experienced upon first being admitted to AA. The pattern of denial can now be broken that often many alcoholics suffer from.

Confessing to Yourself, God, & Another Human Being

Step five requires you to confess to yourself most importantly of the nature of your wrongdoings so you can evaluate your faults. This step is crucial because it helps to remove your egoism and reduce any fear that you may have.

You will go through spiritual awakening in the fifth step which is your willingness to approach God or your higher power. This is a crucial step because many alcoholics feel unworthy when It comes to having a relationship with God. This enables people to grow closer to God and experience acceptance and love after all.

Without help, alcoholics are unable to really break their cycle of addiction. Building self-esteem is important so that you realize that you are worth listening to. The person that you choose to share your confession with should be someone who is willing to help you overcome your addiction and understands the recovery process. Many people choose someone who is a sponsor with the AA group for confession.

The Ending Result

Allow yourself to experience step five because there are many memories or beliefs that can be damaging. In order to shine light on those things, you will allow them to banish for good. You will now be able to see the world in a different way, which in turn gives you a sense of peace.