Top Birthday Gifts to Make Your Partner Feel Special

Buying the right gift for special people in life is always a task. They are so special that you want to give them something unique that they will always remember. Here are some unique and thoughtful gift ideas that you can present your partner on their special day, i.e Birthday. Take a look!

Breakfast In Bed

Make them smile in the morning with breakfast in bed. This may sound cliche but it always works. They love it! Get up really early and prepare all their favorite things that they love to eat for breakfast while he/she is still sleeping. Once the meal is ready, surprise them by waking them up and serving their  special dish. Don’t forget to put a handwritten note that says ‘ Happy Birthday Love’. 

Surprise birthday party

Everyone likes surprises, especially on birthdays. Make plans and arrangements with your partner, close friends and family and book a nice restaurant or you can decorate your home and your partner likes to stay at home (depends on the likes and dislikes of your partner) and just throw a surprise party. 

Chocolate and Flower Bouquet

When you are buying a gift for your partner, chocolates and flowers always work. In Fact this is one of the best gifts you can buy to make your partner feel special on their special day. Order a special flower bouquet and chocolates and wish them the happiest birthday. There are a plethora of portals that offer high quality of flowers and chocolates. 

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry comes in a priceless gift category that you can plan for your partner. It always makes a perfect gesture of your unwavering love and affection for your better half. You can customize any jewelry item for your wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend such as bracelets, pendants, bangles and necklaces. This will provide you with a chance to express your deep love for them. 

Photo Cake

Is there any celebration without a birthday cake? No. So, a delicious cake will be perfect to spread the joy of the occasion. The best idea is to make a photo cake with your partner’s favorite memory of all times. Your partner would feel the happiest receiving such a delightful cake on his/her birthday. Just order online cake delivery in Mumbai or any other city your partner resides and make them feel special.


Give your partner a pair of shoes that they never forget. For those who are constantly collecting new, interesting pairs of shoes, this will be a beautiful surprise that they will keep for years to come.

Teddy Bear

Bring a charming surprise to your beloved with a cuddly online teddy bear. Regardless of age, everyone likes these cute little bears, fluffy plush soft toys. And sending a teddy to your special people on their special day is a beautiful gesture. Teddies are just another reason, just another way of telling your loved ones that they will be there forever, no matter the good and bad times!

Birthday Mug

If you are looking for that one gift that will be easy on your pocket too, but will make an impact that will last for days to come, then personalized birthday mugs are for you and your loved one. Choose a beautiful picture of the two of you to put on it and remind him or her of the love, everytime.

So, that’s all from our side. Happy gifting!