The Power of Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

Keeping the body at a low weight does not necessarily have to be a totally aesthetic matter. Although for some people, the ideal body figure becomes a tool of recognition or even respect, the truth is that losing weight has more important implications for the health of individuals, and it is because of this that one should try to do everything possible to maintain not the “ideal” weight but the HEALTHY weight. In favor of this, Weight Loss Centers of Nashville has chosen 22 affirmations to lose weight that will help you fulfill this purpose.

The purpose of weight loss: Is it a purpose to feel comfortable with yourself?

As we said before: losing weight should be a purpose to feel healthy and to achieve comprehensive well-being between our body and mind. It should not be confused with the social prejudices to which we are constantly exposed.

However, there is also a difference between losing weight and achieving a healthy weight. Many people start diets or exercise in order to achieve that weight that society expects, but it turns out that weight is not always what is beneficial for our body. For this reason, it is always advisable to consider our physical constitution and special nutritional needs and consult with a specialist.

So, losing weight in a healthy way is indeed a true purpose to feel comfortable with ourselves because it will avoid or reduce future problems such as cardiovascular complications, chronic diseases, and respiratory problems, among many others.

Also, when we feel good physically, we can let the mind focus on other situations, and we allow it to function better and get rid of anxiety and stress.

Taking the first steps

Now, to lose weight, you don’t just need to exercise and eat healthily. It also takes self-motivation and commitment. It is these two factors that provide the weight loss affirmations.

Surely you have heard of the Law of Attraction. This is the belief that through the energies we transmit, a similar one can be attracted. That is, if we think positively, we attract positive energy, on the other hand, if we think negatively, we only attract that.

This is how weight loss affirmations work. As its name indicates, these are positive decrees that reprogram the mind to attract the best sensations and the enthusiasm necessary to meet the goal of reaching a healthy weight.

For weight loss affirmations to work, you need to make sure you repeat them consistently, focus on them, and complement them with the best weight loss habits.

Now the time has come to know the promised weight loss affirmations, let’s go for it!

22 most powerful weight loss affirmations:

  1. I take pride in eating healthy.
  2. I feel very comfortable being thin.
  3. I believe in myself and in my ability to succeed. I have hope and certainty about the future.
  4.  I am the only person who can choose how I eat and how I want to look.
  5. I treat my body with care and give it healthy food.
  6. I weigh… (fill in your ideal weight) and easily maintain it by eating healthy.
  7. I am a slim person.
  8. I am confident in myself, eat healthy foods, am strong and healthy, walk daily, and take every opportunity to exercise. I am happy, and I am happy with my ideal weight.
  9. Everything I eat nourishes and strengthens my body and mind.
  10. I am proud of eating properly today.
  11. I eat in small portions that leave me well satisfied.
  12. I have complete control over my weight better.
  13. I feel the joy of living, I am sure, and grateful for this achievement, my ideal weight, I have managed to lose weight, and I always keep this weight,
  14. My mind is programmed for my ideal weight.
  15. My body automatically processes any food I eat to maintain my ideal weight of… kilos.
  16. Making small changes is getting easier. I enjoy the feeling of well-being that these changes are giving me.
  17. I am motivated to reach my ideal weight and stay there.
  18. I choose to think positively about my body.
  19. With love, I begin to take care of my body.
  20. Thanks to the Universe (God, Divinity,…) I feel good; I love my body and the energy that flows through it.
  21. I weigh ____ (write down the realistic weight you are trying to achieve here), and I always have enough time, energy, and desire to exercise my body.
  22. I always reduce measurements easily and quickly.

These are just some of the ideas on affirmations for weight loss. Remember that the impact they have on your life will depend on your perseverance, effort, and confidence.