Some Quick and Important Aspects to Consider about H1B Visa 

Education is a basic requirement for an H1B Visa. Therefore, to qualify for the H1B visa category, the potential H1B employee should have a US bachelor’s degree or a higher or equivalent degree. The person should have a 4 years bachelor’s degree in the US or higher degree from an accredited college or university. If the foreign degree has been three years bachelors’ degree, three years of work experience in similar arena could be considered to one-year additional education. 

Apart from the academic qualifications, the individual should be qualified to perform the duties lawfully. For occupations requiring professional credentials or licensure, the individual should hold such qualifications before the filing of the H1B visa petition. Your Dallas H-1B Visa Attorney could guide you in the best possible way. 

Quick facts about H1B Visa 

Let us delve into the quick facts about H1B Visa – 


  • What are the limitation of H1B Visa 


Your total stay would be limited to six years. However, the initial approval has been for three years. It could be extended for increment of up to three years. 


  • Can re-stamping of H1B Visa done anywhere 


A new stamping could be done at any American consulate in your respective nation. It should be based on the extension approval of the H1B Visa. 


  • Can H1B Visa employee work for more than one employers 


H1B foreigners might work for more than one US employer. However, they should have an approval for I-129 petition from every employer. 


  • Are there any travel restrictions with H1B Visa? 


H1B Visa could be your multiple entry visas enabling an individual to travel in and out of the US for any number of times. However, the number of travel should be within the specified visa validity. 


  • Can a H1B Visa work for another employer 


H1B foreigners might only work for the US employer filing the petition. However, the employer might place the H1B worker on the work site of another employer. 


  • Can an H1B foreigner go on a vacation 


An H1B foreigner could go on a vacation, maternity, sick, or paternity leave. However, the foreigner should be associated with the employer. 


  • How long can the family of the H1B Visa holder stay 


The spouse and unmarried children (under 21 years of age) of H1B workers could stay in the US for the same duration as the H1B worker. 


  • Can the H1B worker get permanent residency 


The H1B visa holder is eligible for seeking permanent residency to the US. 

The H1B worker could purchase or sell real estate or other kinds of property in the US along with buying or winning a lottery as well.