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Ideas to Declutter Your Bedroom with the Four-Box Technique

Most people lament that they do not have enough space for all the things they keep in their bedroom. But often, most of the items are no longer in fashion, used or fit the owner. Because the person seldom goes through all the stuff, most of the items are just occupying space, which can be used more effectively if the clutter is discarded.

With a little motivation and determination, you can declutter your room quickly, using four boxes.

The four-box technique

What are these four boxes? It is a simple decluttering method that will help you segregate all the items in your bedroom and closets.

Who doesn’t want a clean, organised bedroom? But when you have very little time for yourself due to a hectic work schedule, you use whatever free time you have to relax and recharge. So, the problem remains – you have too much stuff but very little storage space.

So here is what to do to declutter your bedroom using four boxes. Label each box – keep, donate or sell, toss away, and storage. Again, divide your bedroom into sections and concentrate on one section at a time. Take out all the items you have in each section, including those inside closets, dressers or a fitted wardrobe so that you can go through them efficiently.

1.      Keep box

Put the items that you use daily or weekly in this box. Include the items that you failed to put back in their proper places. Ensure that you do not include items that you think you might still use some other time in this box. The keep box is for things that you use often.

2.      Sell or donate box

In this box, put all the items that are still in good condition, but you no longer need. For sure, you have some valuable items that you continue to keep became of their sentimental value. But if you continue to amass items that are no longer useful to you, storage space will soon become a big problem. The point here is to collect all the things that some other people may be able to use. Decide whether there are items that you want to donate and items that you can sell.

3.      Toss box

Put the items that you want to throw away in this box. Be careful, though, since there may be items that can still be used. The stuff you put here should be anything that can be recycled or discarded, including items that you planned to mend or fix.

4.      Storage box

This box can easily fill up if you are not careful. Most of the items destined for this box are the items that you cannot discard but do not regularly use, such as seasonal clothing and other items. Remove the items that are no longer in fashion or those that no longer fit you. Add these items to the donate box.

Be sure that you are in the right frame of mind when you plan to declutter your bedroom. Evaluate each item carefully so that you’ll know where each item will go. Decluttering should not be done quickly. Likewise, you should not attempt to clean your entire bedroom in one day.