How to Know When Your Commercial Parking Lot Needs Repaving


Commercial parking lots are used often, and for this reason, the wear and tear are significant when compared to privatized spaces. Not all commercial lots need complete repaving, while others may need an overhaul and complete revamp. Asphalt companies offer the best solutions when it comes to the repaving of commercial parking lots. Having an in-house construction team to take care of such repairs is costly unless your business is in the same realm. Knowing when to call in a contractor to come and repave the commercial parking lot is essential to prevent extensive damage, which will raise the cost of repaving. 

Some tasks do not require using a big construction firm, and for this, you can use individuals or small companies as they are relatively cheaper. The choice of company to use depends on the size of the parking lot and the extent of the damage. Cost is an essential factor, as well as the years of experience in the market. Some of the things that show when your commercial parking requires repaving include;

Visible cracks and potholes 

Potholes and cracks are common in commercial parking lots, especially those that experience heavy traffic. Temperature changes also cause cracks in asphalt as it causes rapid expansions and contraction. If they are not repaired on time, the cracks open up, causing potholes in the parking lot. Exposure to sunlight, shifting of the soil under the asphalt, and exposure to environmental factors such as moisture and sunlight causes damage to the parking lot. It starts as cracks that develop into potholes over time. This kind of damage to the parking lot affects the vehicles and pedestrians, making a repaving necessary. 

Warped and rippled surface

If you notice that the surface of your parking lot has warps and ripples on the surface, it is time to can a contractor to start repaving the space. The traffic in and out of commercial parking lots causes this type of damage alongside other environmental elements. The warping creates an uneven surface in the parking lot, causing accidents as they are not easily noticeable. Distortion and rippling are among the damages that most people take for granted. Ignoring this may cause permanent damage to people who use space, costing the business money. 

Faded markers and lines 

Over time, the lines and markers that demarcate the parking lot fade. This is due to exposure to sunlight and other ecological elements. The absence of the lines and markers confusing the parking space, and it is also an indication that repaving may be necessary. In some cases, the tags can be replaced without necessarily repaving the area. However, it is best to check the other aspects within the commercial parking lot to confirm whether a repaving is necessary or not. Sealing the surface of asphalt before redoing the markers may be required for optimal results. 

The usage of a commercial parking lot determines the duration that it takes before repaving becomes necessary. Using experienced contractors and high-quality material is one way to reduce the repair costs of a commercial parking lot.