How to Handle a Sexual Harassment Case?

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Sexual harassment is a most used term nowadays in many workplaces. Even though in every workplace sexual harassment policies are there no one knows what to do and how to handle a complaint when raised on them.

Sexual Harassment policy is important for creating a healthy and safe environment and placing procedures and explaining the consequences and steps to take when faced with such complaints is also necessary.

The employees would need to contact a few particular helplines and an experienced sex crime defense lawyer when faced with any such issue.

How to handle a complaint?

There are steps that need to be followed when people receive complaints about sexual harassment that they are facing in either the work environment or even at the home. Those steps include

  • Take the complaint seriously

Sometimes complaints will be received either formally or informally. Irrespective of the way the complaint is received, it is always better to note the complaint seriously.

  • Conduct a pre-investigation

Instead of contacting the sex crime defense lawyer directly, conduct a pre-investigation in the workplace after sending the two parties away on paid leave or transfer to another location as their being there might cause some disturbance.

  • Let both parties know what will be the next steps

Both the parties should be informed of the steps that are needed to be taken by the company in order to act on the sexual harassment allegation.

  • Start the investigation as soon as possible

Contact a sex crime defense lawyer as soon as possible and involve the police if required and start the investigation as soon as possible.

  • Come to a conclusion

Once the investigation is completed, with the help of the police and lawyer come to a conclusion. As part of the conclusion, decide on the next steps like terminating the alleged harasser, give training to them accordingly.

  • Communicate the result to both parties

Inform both the parties of the result in an official way. Do not let office gossip reach them before the official result.

  • Ensure Post investigation workplace comfort

After the investigation and result, take action on the culprit but make sure the victim is comfortable to stay in the office. Make sure everyone else knows what to do in such situations.

  • Follow up even after a few days

Speak with the complainant after a few days and make sure that person is comfortable at work and there is no more harassment in the office now.

Things to document when facing sexual harassment

Whenever and wherever there is a harassment issue always document these details as this will be helpful to take action with the help of a sex crime defense lawyer later.

  • Note the date, time, and location where this harassment happened.
  • Keep copies or screenshots if the abuse is online
  • Make sure to tell at last a close friend what happened as this support might be required for the case when they need witnesses.


When the harassment is recorded secretly, that might add evidence when required but make sure not to risk safety while doing so. When maintaining this evidence always make sure to store them in places outside of the office for more security.