Pipe smoking and contemplation make perfect companions. The history of smoking piped tobacco is quite fascinating and goes a long way back, but the good thing is that it has transcended centuries, and it is still a practice to-date. People who smoke the pipe consider it a more contemplative and relaxed pursuit compared to cigar smoking. That owes to the required commitment of the pipe smoker. A pipe smoker needs a pipe, tobacco pouch, a lighter, ashtray, tamper, pipe cleaner, and maybe quite a collection of extra pipes. That means pipe smoking is well suited for a table luxury sitting with ample space for your requisites. The need to prepare for the smoke and the pipe rituals requires an unhurried state of mind and a relaxed environment.

That said, there are two types of smoking pipes-new pipes and estate pipes. New pipes have never been sold or smoked before. On the other hand, estate pipes are pre-owned and give you a chance to own a well-crafted pipe at half the new one’s price. Estate pipes also allow you the opportunity to own a collection of antique smoke pipes made by the finest smoke pipe makers of this world. The retail shops usually clean and sanitize the estate pipes before a sale, so you should not worry about anything. Plus, if you have no problem using restaurant cutlery, there is no reason not to own an estate smoking pipe. Here are the considerations to make when buying one.

What is your target

Many pipe smokers will buy estate pipes for two main reasons. One is a budget whereby you want to acquire a fine pipe at an affordable retail price. If you are a seasoned pipe smoker who wants to add to your smoking pipes collection, estate pipes provide a good opportunity. If you want to try different shapes, you can get estate pipes at excellent prices.

The other reason people choose estate pipes its availability. This mostly applies to collectors. The estate pipes market is where you will find a really unique artisan piece or a discontinued series. Whatever reason motivates you, the estate pipe market is where you can find specific smoking pipes in terms of shapes, finishes, and makers at affordable prices.

Inform yourself

If you want to collect a specific smoking pipe, it would be better to research it first. Many pipe retailers provide as much information about a pipe’s stamping and relevant dates when they are available, but your preference determines what information you find useful. If you are looking for a pipe from a specific marque or maker, you need to know about different proprietary stampings. For instance, ‘HT’ and ‘ODA’ are special stampings for Dunhill. Also, understanding a maker’s grading scheme helps you not to miss that coveted piece.


While collecting estate pipes, you will want to compromise on the condition at some point if the price is fair. For instance, a hard to find Peterson is a gem to a collector even if it has a toothmark on the stem. Many estate pipes have been smoked before, so don’t be surprised if you spot some dents. However, buy an estate pipe you love and can afford.

Take care of your pipe

Once you have found an estate pipe you wouldn’t be willing to lose, take care of it. Clean it regularly, and you can keep a rotation to allow your pipes to dry thoroughly in between smokes.