Ecommerce and Guest Blogging

As Content Marketing is relevant for any given product or service, it is relevant and suitable for Ecommerce websites. Content Marketing in all about writing and submitting all forms of content that may include articles, blogs, guest blogs, social media posts, case studies, downloadable content types, forum submissions, and graphical and video content such as infographics, GIFs, illustrations, videos, slideshows and all such things to promote a web page or website.

Guest blogging is a form of blogging that refers to the publishing of your blog content in third party websites and platforms that have high domain authority in exchange for backlinks to your website. The idea of this is to get endorsement from the backlinking third party guest site.

Let us discuss the advantages of guest blogging for your e-commerce website and see how effectively guest blogging can be done to boost your eCommerce website’s sales and SEO score.

Wide Content Distribution

One of the reasons why you need guest blogging apart from getting domain authority to your site is distribution of your contents far and wide. Understandably, the third party website with high score domain authority has more readers and hence, reachability to many users. The guest blog site’s ability to distribute your content includes a high level of retrieval of your content in Google searches. With top search rankings for your content posts through the guest sites for multiple keywords and search phrases, your content will potentially attract a larger number of readers. So, continuous posting and publishing of your content enable increasing reach and distribution.

Precisive Content Distribution

With the careful choice of those guest blogging sites that have high relevance to your Ecommerce website and products, you are increasing your content reach and keywords with more precision.

Aligning with High Authority Websites

The prime purpose of writing guest posts by aligning with high authorities websites and getting quality backlinks to your Ecommerce website is gaining more domain authority from the backlinking high authority guest site. When you have more and more such high authority websites sharing their lending their authority or trust votes through backlinks to your website, your Ecommerce website’s overall SEO score dramatically improves. This leads to your website to perform even more better in Google SERP results. Check to buy a perfect SEO package. So, guest blogging is a perfect offline SEO process of Link Building for your ECommerce website.

Increasing Credence & Credibility with Users

Your content and links posted and published in high authority guest websites and platforms enable your Ecommerce website to enjoy the privilege and acceptance received by those guest sites from numerous users in the specific niche thereby increasing your brand’s credibility, trust and reputation among these readers and users letting them to link to your website and take desirable actions in there which result in several product views and sales at your e-commerce website. This helps you to achieve your content marketing and sales objectives drastically or systematically. In order to achieve your digital marketing objectives, take the Best Web Design Service.

Getting Variety of Inbound Traffic

The sheer variety of guest blogs that you have published your content will increase your brand’s versatility which serves to reach your content across different category plans and enables higher retrieval through Google searches across these categories.This improves user reach and contextual reach widely and broadly. Each of your third party guest sites in spite of belonging to a particular niche is in its own topics and subjects enjoying high authority in its respective field. Hence, each of these guest sites with higher authority in different categories and topics will give your Ecommerce website a variety of quality backlinks alongside sharing its credibility and domain authority to your website. As a process, Google understands your website to be offering a variety of content in different topics and subjects with multiple variations and distinctiveness and produces your website in its search results.

Creating Overarching Market Presence

Writing and posting in multiple niche guest blogging websites means you are filling the online space with more and more of your niche content across topics and subjects with more inclusiveness and exhaustiveness. Over a period of time you will cover almost every topic and subject with extensive writing and publishing with all these guest sides put together. This means publishing most or all of your keywords, backlinks, brand mentions, anchor text, URL, brand names and product names across these third party websites and platforms.

This kind of no-stones-left-unturned publishing spree leaves no gaps in your online content promotion can be done by covering every conceivable subject and keyword terms including all your products, services, applications, product uses, use recommendations, comparisons, website and products’ uniqueness, short and elaborate product descriptions, product education, industry jargons, different phrases referring to all facets of your business and all such things. Such a pervasive and intensive content promotion no doubt increases retrievability and visibility of your Ecommerce website and increases your sales multifold by getting Google to pick your content for any given keyword or search terms from all these guest websites. Your brand’s presence in all forms like keywords, links and descriptive content fills the online space with your brand identities, lets you get more traffic to your website through those links and anchor texts and result in huge and unexpected sales on your e-commerce site.


With these remarkable benefits and advantages of guest blogging, you can promote your eCommerce website by creating a perfect timetable to create and publish your content across multiple guest sites that have high authority, relevance and context. The quality and the contextual backlinks from your guest posts and content across multiple subjects and topics significantly increase your site’s attractiveness and SEO scores which will reflect in Google search results performance and overall sales on your own eCommerce Store. Plan strategic placement of each keyword, link, product name, category name, sub category, description, product application, image alt-text, tag, brand name, etc., rightly across these niche guest websites with suitable blog titles in multiple categories and topics. Guest Blogging will boost your SEO scores profoundly and drive your Ecommerce sales unstoppably.