Home Improvement

4 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Wondering what you can do to spruce up your home on a budget? This article outlines four easy ways to add value to your home. Continue reading to find out more. 

Install a Wood Burning Fireplace

Adding a modern wood fireplace to your home really does up the wow factor, and thus can add value to your property. Potential new homeowners can imagine themselves enjoying warm nights by the fire, so if you’re in the market to sell in winter, you should have the fire going during inspection times. Not everyone will want to buy wood heaters for sale and get them set up, but if you make the executive decision to choose from wood fireplaces in Melbourne and install one, it will add great value to your home. That’s because everyone loves sitting beside a toasty warm open fire, hearing the logs crackle and the flames flicker. It’s an instinctual thing that goes back centuries. That’s something you can’t argue with, which is why choosing a modern wood fireplace for your home is such a good idea. 

Renovate the Kitchen or Bathroom

When it comes to properties, it’s the kitchen and bathrooms that can really make or break a sale. So, if you know that your kitchen or bathroom is subpar, then what do you do about it? Why, you renovate, of course! You can either go DIY or engage a renovation company to help you come up with ideas and designs, as well as facilitate the construction of your renovation. Before you begin a renovation on your kitchen or bathroom, remember to come up with a clear plan for your project with an associated budget. This will ensure that you splurge on the areas that are important to you, while saving on things that don’t matter so much, according to your priorities. Whether you renovate your kitchen or bathroom, or both, you can be sure you’re doing something good for the value of your home. 

Replace Old Carpets

Old carpet can really downgrade the look of a property. Whether you want to sell your home, or you have a rental property that you want to give a new lease of life to, you can do a lot by just changing up the carpets. If you’re leasing, it could be a good idea to choose replacement carpet that’s stain-resistant, or a colour that won’t show up stains easily, as you can never be sure how careful tenants will be. Choose a new carpet that’s neither too bright nor too dour. Often, a neutral colour will go with many indoor colour schemes. Think about the texture of the carpet too, as very thick carpet can be hard to vacuum and keep clean. Whatever your reason for changing up your carpet, you can be sure it will have positive effects on the value of your property.

Paint the Walls

One of the quickest tricks for upgrading the look of your home is to repaint the walls. Just the right hue can really make for a better ambience for your whole property. Use accent walls sparingly to create impactful feature walls. The rest of the walls should be a more neutral colour that can be used throughout the property in a consistent manner, helping to achieve a very professional look. While you can paint your own walls, for the best results, hire a professional painter. The devil is in the details when it comes to painting walls, and that’s where a professional painter will really shine.