Rhinoplasty Toronto, popularly known as the nose job, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery like the Toronto Facelift. The surgery is well known to make the nose more aesthetically pleasing. However, the nose job also helps fix a lot of problems caused by the nose’s structural issues. The procedure is usually quick and straightforward, but there is nothing straightforward about it. The surgeon will make the changes within reason, and the procedure usually lasts about an hour or two. There are a lot of myths that have been making rounds about the procedure. The following are some of the most common myths about rhinoplasty, which we have busted for you.

Myth: The Results don’t last very long

It is one of the most common myths. Irrespective of whatever the reason for the surgery, the results of the procedure will last very long. You don’t have to worry about that when you are planning to get a nose job.

Myth: Any Surgeon can do the procedure

The myth has partial truth attached to it. But the partial truth is limited to the specialization of plastic surgery. Any plastic surgeon can conduct a rhinoplasty. For the best and most natural-looking results, it is advisable to opt for a facial plastic surgeon who knows what they are doing. Do go through the before and after pictures along with the testimonials of the previous patients.

Myth: Rhinoplasty is only for women

Having an aesthetically pleasing nose is not something only for women. More and more men have started to opt for various types of cosmetic surgeries. Men usually opt for rhinoplasty to remove the bump and make their nose look more symmetrical or slimmer.

Myth: The procedure affects your breathing

One of the biggest myths is that you will have breathing problems after the procedure. The nose job has no impact on the long term breathing of the patient. However, during the recovery period, there might be some breathing issues, as the tissues are undergoing their healing process. But once the swollen tissues have adjusted into their place, the breathing will go back to normal.

Myth: The procedure is painful

The procedure of Rhinoplasty is performed while you are under general or local anesthesia, so that it won’t be a painful process for you. However, after the surgery, there might be some discomfort and swelling, which would take about a couple of weeks to settle. During this time, you would be prescribed pain medication to make you comfortable. Your nose would be in a nose cast during your recovery, and you may feel stuffed up as you do when you have a cold.

Myth: The downtime is long

As compared to other plastic surgery procedures, the downtime is relatively short. After a week, when the splint is removed, you can quickly go back to your routine. The swelling takes about a week or two to settle. If the procedure is being done to correct some breathing difficulties, it would be covered by your insurance.