Be Aware of Few Moving and Packing Tips If You Are in Military Services

Relocating to any new city can always be a overwhelming process for almost everyone. If you happen to be in military service then your families need to move more frequently to your new place of posting.

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However, whether it is your first movement or the fifth or sixth movement, if you want to make your next military movement more efficient and less stressful. The tips given here could be very useful to you.

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1)    Schedule your movement details early

The moment you get your posting order, you must start planning for your movement. Segregate the items that you do not need and start selling them.

2)    Avoid the busiest seasons

Try to schedule your movement if possible during the wintertime when the transporters will be less busy and hence rates will also be much cheaper.

3)    Get organized

Some organizing all your items and paperwork that includes:

  • Birth certificates
  • Contact information for your new base
  • Documents related to pets
  • Government-issued and also military IDs
  • Insurance documents
  • Inventory list of household items
  • Marriage license
  • Medical records
  • Orders
  • Passports
  • Past/future housing paperwork
  • Titles of your car
  • Travel reservations
  • Unpacking map

1.     Make your checklist

Also, prepare all the checklists that are needed for your movement so that you may not forget any important things.

2.     Consider packing all by yourself

Most military personnel prefer to pack their own stuff instead of hiring any movers service. You should start well in time.

3.     Avail of all possible military discounts

Try to find out what are various discounts offered to military personnel during their movement and try to avail them well in time to save few bucks.

4.     Decide about your unaccompanied baggage

All your items needed for your duty will remain with you and the rest of the things can be packed within the unaccompanied baggage.

5.     Create a proper labeling system

You may tend to forget after packing and when you reach your new place, then while unpacking this labeling will be very useful for you.

6.     Be ready for surprise expenses

Despite your best planning, when you are making a movement certain surprise expenses cannot be always anticipated. Therefore you must keep a certain budget for such expenses.

7.     Plan for your pets

If you have decided to take your pet cat or dog along with you then make sure that their medical/immunization records updated from the veterinarian.

8.     Explore your options for car

Your car is one important item for which you may ask whether your department will compensate for the shipping charge or you may drive on your own.