What You Need to Know About Custom Lightsabers

Whether one is a Sith, Jedi, or going rogue, there’s a lot of work that goes into the creation of a lightsaber. That’s right, it isn’t all hilts and blades, as there’s plenty of different details that go into the creation of one’s lightsaber. Thankfully, we’re going to gloss over a few lightsabers and how these legendary fighters built their weaponry.

Luke Skywalker & Crystals

It was well known that Sith used synthetic crystal for their red-hued lightsabers and Jedi used natural crystal, but Luke Skywalker went on a different path in comparison to traditional Jedi. Luke lived on Tatooine, in which he had no access to any natural crystal. So being an improviser, Luke built his lightsaber with a synthetic crystal.

Siths & Synthetic Crystal

What’s interesting about the Sith-developed synthetic crystal is that such a crystal made the blade more powerful if it was energized by the Dark Side. Even in battle, Sith blades have been known to break Jedi blades in the middle of a fight.

As for Darth Maul’s blade, Darth Sidious made Darth Maul utilize a special furnace so he could create his own crystals. Maul spent several days creating the four crystals that were necessary for his lightsaber. Maul’s double-handed lightsaber creation required his intense concentration, even to the point where Maul has to utilize the Force to make sure his crystals were free of any impurities – and keep himself alive in the furnace as he made the crystals.

Maul really impressed himself with his creation, which led him to believe it was an excellent example of how Siths ruled supreme over the Jedi. Maul was the only apprentice of Sidious who created their crystal as so, with Vader and Tyranus having to skip time in the furnace and were simple given to them by Darth Sidious.

The Jedi & Synthetic Crystal

As for Luke Skywalker, the path to creating a crystal was significantly easier. Obi-Wan Kenobi happened to have a special furnace in his home to create a custom crystal, with Luke Skywalker seizing the opportunity. As mentioned in Maul’s crystal crafting story, the creator of the synthetic crystal channeled their Force personality and energy into the crystal’s creation, which made their crystals unique in just about every way imaginable.

Jedi & Crystal Cleaning

The Jedi Order eventually came around with a technique that could clean the synthetic crystals created by Dark Side owners. So, what was the end result? Well, one of the red lightsaber crystals forged from hate turned yellow, which made the blade yellow.

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