Know the Signs of Aging That Appears before Wrinkles

It is a known fact that as you age your body’s internal process and external appearance slowly changes. The changes usually happen as your body functions happen slowly as compared to when you were young. Some people are able to realize the changes, but a few aren’t aware about it. Many believe that wrinkles on face are the only sign that makes you look aged. Thus, they remain unaware of other signs that show you are aging. 

There are certain things to consider once you have passed the golden years. It helps to prevent the troubles of pre aging and you will look young even while you are in your sixties and above. There are many popular clinique anti aging Montreal region helping their clients all the way to delay aging signs successfully. 

Here are the few signs and pre aging symptoms:  

  • Sun spots or aging spots are seen on your exposed part of body like forearms, neck and face. The spots appear due to over exposure to sun for many years. You can even observe hyper pigmentation on your chest part due to over exposure to sun. 
  • Gaunt hands happen because of upper layer of skin gradually becoming thinner. The lack of structure protein in normal proportion reduces collagen production and thus the skin shape changes. Your veins can be seen and formation of wrinkles starts. 
  • You have constant feeling of itchy and dry skin. There is a need to use moisturizing agent often in a day. It all happens because your body tends to stay dehydrated. 
  • You start realising that the skin is sagging and even wrinkles can be seen on your face. It all happens because the formation of collagen decreases leading to dry saggy skin. Skin starts losing its elasticity and wrinkles appear in forehead part. The healing of injuries takes more time than earlier. This is because of the regeneration capacity of skin cells slows down. 

There are other indications like you aren’t able to carry heavy weight like before your hair isn’t dense and your eyesight is foggy. The occurrence of preaging symptoms varies in every person. It may be because of chronic ailments, lack of physical fitness, excessive drinking or smoking, wrong diet, insomnia and even your genes can be the culprit. 

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