How To Tell If Your Vehicle Needs A New Transfer Case

If you have a four-wheel drive vehicle, you have what is known as a transfer case in it. The transfer case is located just right near the transmission, and it is responsible for taking the power generated by the vehicle’s engine and distributing it to all four wheels of your vehicle. 

It is also worth mentioning that it is the part of a vehicle that allows motorists to get more traction when driving on a slippery road or when going up or down a steep hill. So, you can see just how important the transfer case is.  These transfer cases come in various types. Some are chain-driven, while others are gear-driven. Some are also integrated into the design of a car’s transmission, while others are standalone parts.

Whatever kind of transfer case you currently have in your vehicle, it is crucial for it to always be in good working condition. If not, you are more likely to do significant damage to it and potentially damage your transmission as well as other parts located around it. This is why you must be on the lookout for signs of trouble with the transfer case. Here are some signs you need a new transfer case.


  • You hear strange sounds coming from underneath your vehicle


If you hear strange sounds coming from underneath your car, it could be that your transfer case is responsible for them. When the transfer case is almost coming out, it will often start making clicking or grinding sounds. It is best to have your vehicle checked by a professional and consider replacing the transfer case if it is the one responsible for the strange sounds.


  • You are finding it hard to change the gears


Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, the gears in it should be able to shift effortlessly when driving your car. If they don’t, then there could be a problem with one of the several parts in your transmission. Your transfer case can also be the culprit for making it hard for you to change gears. You can have the vehicle checked and see if the transfer case could be bad and have it replaced.


  • You are finding that your vehicle cannot stay in four-wheel drive


When you put your vehicle in a four-wheel drive, it ought to stay that way until you change it. While this problem could be an issue with the driveshaft, it may also be related to the vehicle’s transfer case. The best thing is to have a professional inspect the vehicle to identify what could be making the vehicle hard to stay on four-wheel. If it’s caused by the transfer case, then you will have to replace them.


  • There is a fluid leak under your vehicle in the area of the transfer case


There are various types of fluid that can leak under your vehicle, including motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and power steering fluid. You are more likely to see these fluids dripping underneath your vehicle at some point. You can have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic to find out why it is leaking. You may consider replacing your transfer case to stop the leaking.