How to Maintain your Physical Health in the Time of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made several people stay at home. It has made people sit down more than they usually do on normal days. Mostly, people would walk, stretch, and run in their usual routine. However, with the pandemic affecting globally, a majority of people have become a couch potato. They would not exercise regularly, whereby becoming vulnerable to the virus. The COVID-19 virus affects your immunity. Therefore, people with lower immunity would be susceptible to the virus.

When it comes to doing regular physical activity during the quarantine times, it would be harder for people to normally doing many physical exercises. Therefore, during the time of the pandemic, it would be imperative that people of all ages and abilities should remain active. Rest assured it is a fun-filled way to remain healthy and active.

Important things to remember

By taking a 3-4 minute light intensity exercises or physical movement, you would be able to remain active the entire day. Walking and stretching during your regular breaks would help ease the muscle activity and improve blood circulation in the body.

Rest assured that regular physical activity would benefit your body and mind largely. It would help reduce high blood pressure, manage your weight, reduce the risk of developing any heart disease, stroke, various kinds of cancers, and type-2 diabetes. These are a few conditions making you vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

Regular exercises would improve bone and muscle strength. It would also help you enhance the balance, fitness, and flexibility. Physical activity would help improve balance, prevent injuries, and falls in older people.

Regular physical activity would help provide you with a routine and a way to connect with family and friends. It would help you improve your mental health. You would reduce the risk of cognitive decline, depression, and delay the onset of dementia. You would have an overall great feeling.

Staying healthy at home

Stay active with regular light exercises at home. It would keep you physically and mentally fit.

Taking a break from long sitting

When sitting for long hours, you should consider taking regular breaks for 4-5 minutes. It would help you stay active and increase blood flow in the body.

Make a strict routine

You should consider making a strict routine of getting up early and sleeping on time. Following a proper routine would be essential for keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy diet

Consider having a healthy diet to boost your immunity. It would help you fight the virus in the best possible way.

                      1. How to Manage and Maintain your Mental Health during COVID-19 Quarantine

Several nations have introduced strict measures for restricting the movement of the people to keep them from contracting the COVID-19 virus. As a result, people across the world have started making relevant changes in their routine life to stay safe from the coronavirus.

Work from home, temporary unemployment, homeschooling, and restrictions for physical contact with other family members, colleagues, and friends have become the new reality. Adapting to such a lifestyle and managing the fear of contracting the virus would take a significant toll on a person. You may also be worried about the health and safety of your loved ones. It could also be too much to bear for a small mind. Most people would become vulnerable to such challenges. It would be relatively difficult for people suffering from mental health conditions to cope with the challenge. However, you would have several aspects to consider when looking after your mental health. It would help people requiring additional care and support.

Find below a few essential tips to manage and maintain your mental health during the time of the pandemic.

Stay informed

Follow trusted news channels and stay updated with the advice and recommendations offered by the local and national authorities. Stay wary of social media platforms creating panic during such times.

Develop a routine

Try to keep up with your daily routine or make new ones for such times. Your routine should be inclusive of going to bed and getting up early or at similar times before the pandemic. Maintain personal hygiene; eat regular and healthy meals, exercise regularly, allocate specific time for work and rest, and enjoy your free time as well.

Reduce newsfeeds

The amount of television you watch in a day, specifically the news about the pandemic would also have a significant effect on your mind. Continuous newsfeeds could make you feel distressed and anxious. Rather, you should consider seeking the latest information once or twice a day.

Social contact

Get in touch with your family and friends through online platforms and phones. Communication with your loved ones and friends would help you keep your sanity. You could vent out the feelings with your friends and distant family members.

Reduce alcohol use

A healthy diet would be inclusive of food and drinks to enhance your immunity. Therefore, you should not consume excessive alcohol or start consuming alcohol regularly. You should avoid resorting to drugs or alcohol as a means to deal with anxiety, fear, social isolation, and boredom.

Lastly, use your social media account for promoting hopeful and positive messages.