How to Find a Sponsor Employer for an Artist Visa

To get many US visas, you need a job offer because an employer must sign a petition on your behalf to enable you to get the visa and work in the United States. There are different types of visas that target artists, nonimmigrant workers, and immigrant workers. Besides that, an artist may also apply for an eb-1 artist green card to work and live in the US permanently.

Though getting an employer may seem an easy task, you need to know how to find the best ones to act as your petitioner during the application process.

This article guides you on how to find such employers.

  1. Find Employers With a Need

Though the unemployment levels in the US are high, some employers can’t find the right workers they want. Such employers may help you obtain a visa to work with them, especially if they find you skilled.

To find such employers, you can search for ads and job posting from websites that hire several employees. You can also look for companies that have been posting similar jobs for several months. Such employers may be desperate and willing to employ a skilled nonimmigrant to fill their vacancies and meet their employment needs. Most of them may also be ready to go through the complicated and lengthy immigration process of helping you to acquire an artist visa.

  1. Search For Employers Hiring Foreign Workers

Employers who have a history of hiring nonimmigrants are likely to hire you than those who don’t have experience hiring foreigners. Some large companies have lawyers who are dedicated to helping foreign workers acquire work visas. But to be hired by such companies, you need to ensure that you have talents than other people to have the edge over the competition.

If you don’t live in the US, you can find such employers from their company websites. Keeping your eyes open for any employment ads on the internet may also help you. Apart from that, you can also research online self-descriptions about hiring foreign workers and press releases. These may give you information about landing a job with a US-based employer.

  1. Find Potential Employers’ Contacts

Once you’ve identified some employers who are willing to hire nonimmigrant workers, you need to reach out to them. If you know some people working in those companies, use them as connections to get the specific name and contact of the person handling applications. Even if they’ve posted no job, there’s no harm in sending a CV and an application letter to them. If they have a job vacancy, you want to be careful in following the application guidelines to increase your chances of landing the job.

As you prepare your resume, ensure you tailor it according to the tone and style used in the US. You can ask somebody from the US to edit and review your CV.

The Bottom-line

Getting an employer to sponsor you for an artist visa is possible if you know the right steps to follow. Extraordinary abilities may help you get noticed and increase your chances of finding a visa. However, you still need an employer to petition for you.