How can I Prepare for the GATE 2022 Exam Without Coaching?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a national level exam conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and seven Indian Institutes of Technology. GATE is a tough competitive exam and requires utmost preparation levels.

Most of the students opt for offline coaching to clear the exam but few of the students are able to clear the exam through self-study as well. There are reasons as some students find the coaching very expensive and some are not able to take time out for visiting the offline coaching centers.

The majority of candidates are not able to clear the GATE Exam on the first attempt. Hence, the candidates learn from their mistakes and make amends in their preparation strategy. This article will highlight the key differences and how to approach and clear the GATE exam in the first attempt through the self-study option.

GATE Preparation Strategy: Some Valuable Tips for preparing GATE at Home 

Tip No. 1: Know and Memorize the GATE Syllabus and its parts comprehensively.

  • The applicants who aim to clear the GATE in the first attempt always thoroughly read and memorize the syllabus.
  • The applicant should always make a list of topics regularly coming into the exam.
  • The applicant should have a comparative analysis of all the syllabus topics based on the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • The applicant should have a syllabus printout affixed in front of the study table. Always cross out the topic completed satisfactorily. Finishing a subject matter from the syllabus gives inspiration and a sense of achievement.
  • Always retain the entire syllabus to keep the target in mind at all times.

Tip No. 2: Understand GATE Exam Pattern

  • The applicant should be well informed of the exam pattern, selection process, and recent questions coming in question papers.
  • The applicant should know the time duration, the marking pattern, and the correct way to attempt the question paper.
  • The applicant should gain overall clarity of the GATE Exam regarding important dates, application procedures and other relevant information.

Tip No. 3: GATE Effective Study Techniques

With noproper study plan and calendar, the candidates find it extremely difficult to qualify for the GATE Exam.

  • Start a habit of making notes for having a better understanding of the subject. Put together notes in your handwriting for remembering it at the time of revision.
  • Jot down the critical points covered in the chapter, prepared from the reference books, directly in the revision notebook. Creating self-notes will help save time in reopening heavy reference books.
  • While getting clarity on basic concepts and fundamentals, ensure to understand the topic and then do the mugging up activity.
  • The applicants’ notes will help them to organize the essential topics in one place. The applicants should study multiple books to prepare the best answers for questions coming in the question papers.
  • The applicants should make use of diagrams, flow charts, bullets, and boxes while making notes to memorize the topic efficiently and effectively.
  • Every time prioritize the notes according to the analysis of the question papers. Initially, the applicant should cover the topics which cover the entire syllabus.

Tip No. 4: GATE Reference Books

  • The applicants should try to procure all the fifteen books recommended for the GATE Exam.
  • If the applicant is finding difficulty in getting hard copies, then procure the e-copies of the book.
  • The applicant should not hesitate to buy the books or get hold of good study material as investments in education pay the best interests.

Tip No. 5: GATE Exam Updates and Form filling procedure

  • The applicants should always avoid the embarrassment of not filling up the exam form.
  • The quintessential excuse every candidate provided is they missed applying because nobody informed them.
  • Subscribe to various competition websites for getting emails and notifications of the critical dates of the GATE Exam.

Tip No. 6: Solving Previous Years GATE Papers

  • Lastyear’s papers give a clear idea as to what types of questions are asked in the exam.
  • Ensure procuring lots of previous year’s papers at BYJU’s Exam Prep to do good practice and note the changes that happened over the years.
  • Lastyear’s papers helped in trimming down the topics to be covered in the syllabus.
  • Last year’s papers also help the applicant in analyzing the framing of questions and getting clarification concepts accordingly.

Tip No. 7: GATE Mock Test Paper practice

  • The applicants should regularly practice the mock test to enhance accuracy and minimize errors.
  • The applicants should be honest with themselves and should attempt the paper just as if they are sitting in the examination hall and adhere to the time limit.
  • The applicants should solve mock test papers daily available at BYJU’s Exam Prep to have better time management on exam day.

All the Best!