BBQs 2u Brings to You the Best Kitchen Accessories

BBQs 2u was started in 2002 as a family business and today, they have become the best Kamado Joe, Napoleon barbecue & Ooni Pizza Oven retailers in the United Kingdom. You will get the best and most reasonably priced barbeques and accessories at BBQs 2u only. They sell a huge range of products. 

There are other barbeque brands too, but they cannot even compete with BBQs 2U. the services of BBQs 2U are very much customer oriented and they give a personal touch to all of their customers. Customer satisfaction is their prime and most dominant goal. This motto has led them to such heights in business. 

One of their products is Kamado Joe. It is an already reasonably priced product, but Kamado Joe Black Friday sale has made it a bang for the buck. These are stolen deals that must not be ignored by you. If you want to add a grill to your kitchen accessories, then there is not even a competitor to BBQs 2U Kamado.

There is a huge variety of kamado joe models at BBQs 2U. some of the top-selling models are Kamado joe classic 1, Kamado joe classic 2, kamado joe classic 2 standalone and so on. 

Kamado joe classic 3

This is the latest addition to the kamado joe family. It is also the most advanced model in the Kamado Joe UK franchise. It comes with a premium cart and much better shelves at the side. The latest innovation is the ingenuous SloRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber. This addition gives your food a very rich and smoky flavour. 

The stroller is the brainchild of experts from Harvard University. The system uses the power of the cyclic airflow to keep the heat and smoke in check. This addition is perfect for slow and low cooking sessions. Needless to say, the grill has thick walls, which can withstand a lot of pressure and heat for long duration. 

The Heavy-duty Galvanised steel rolling cart and locking wheels make it easy to carry around and place at the desired location with great ease. The ceramic body adds strength to the grill. No matter what is the weather outside, you can comfortably cook in summers, winters and any other weather via the Kamado joe classic 3. 

The three-tier divide and cook mode takes your cooking to next level. It has a half-rack design that doubles the cooking space available and lets you cook different foods at the same time on different surfaces. Cleaning the grill has never been easier with the new charcoal basket, which lets you clean the firebox after each session of cooking. 

The hinge on the dome is developed with a weber Knapp. It is modelled on the lines of the most premium hinges and it makes the dome very lightweight and also prevents breaking of the dome. 


The world-class features of Kamado joe make it a steal. These products are available at an even cheaper rate on the Black Friday sale. To stay updated with their latest developments and offers, you must reach out to their social media handles like YouTubeTwitter, Pinterest and Facebook.