Got involved in an accident in New Mexico? Contact an attorney!

Every year, a huge number of car & truck accidents are reported in New Mexico. Some crashes and collisions do not cause massive injuries, but victims may still have medical bills to manage. If you were involved and injured in such an accident, the statute of limitations in New Mexico allows you to file a personal injury claim within three years, from the date of the accident. You can always choose to get ahead with the case on your own, but having one of the top Albuquerque car accident attorneys by your side is always advantageous. In some circumstances, hiring an attorney is more than important. 

You should definitely seek legal help, if – 

  1. You know that the other driver’s carelessness or disregard for safety caused the accident. 
  2. You suffered serious injuries. 
  3. Your injuries are debilitating and can impact your ability to return to work. 
  4. Your car has sustained damage. 
  5. The fault in the accident is disputed. 
  6. You have no clue how to deal with the insurance company. 
  7. You need time for recovery. 

Ways in which an attorney can help

In many cases, the aftermath of a car accident is not always clear. For instance, some of your injuries may have a severe impact on your lifestyle. Only when you discuss things with an attorney and a doctor, you can expect to get a fair idea of everything. A car accident attorney is also going to handle the investigation, find all the details that are relevant to the case, and ensure that your claim is strong enough. They will also take things ahead with the insurance company. 

Protect your rights

Keep in mind that the insurance company adjusters are trying to save money, and they may even pin down the fault on you, because they know that will eventually lower the compensation they pay. To ensure that your rights and interests are protected and you get the rightful compensation for your suffering and losses, hiring a car accident attorney is more than important. What you pay as their fee is eventually worth the effort. It also sends a message to other victims who want to pursue their case.