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Five Ways to Keep Your Home Protected During a Renovation

Home renovation is an exciting and fulfilling project. Whether you are looking to adjust an existing space or add one, you need to keep your house protected during the process. Most likely, a lot of strangers will go in and out of your home during the remodel and you must be cautious. If your renovation involves exposed walls, the lack of home security will be catastrophic. But, there are steps you can take to make sure your possessions are family stay safe. These include the following:

Screen your Contractor Thoroughly

It is important to pick a credible contractor. Ask friends and family for a referral. A background check will tell whether or not the company you want to hire has a good reputation in the industry. Usually, it is best to work with a company for big renovations instead of individual contractors. Construction companies take their job officially. This means they have insurance and take responsibility of any mishaps during and after the construction process.

Store Your Valuables in a Secure Location

Without the walls hat used to keep your valuable possessions safe, you are exposed to a possible loss. Depending on the size of your valuables, you have options for securing them.  A typical solution is a safe. You can also bolt down or keep it safely stowed away. Place the safe behind locked doors or store your valuables behind a secured locked door. If you have bigger valuables, rent a storage garage or store them at the house of a relative or friend.

Make the Most of Your Security System

Having remote monitoring access through your video surveillance system will let you check-in on your home while you are away. Ask your provider about motion sensors as they can make burglars feel exposed and scare them away. Also, ask about a wireless system for your property should construction require shutting off electricity. Some large property owners would keep their security guards on duty no matter what. The mere sight of guns would surely deter anyone from
going where they are not expected, or picking what doesn’t belong to them. Despite so, security cameras should be the first point of call in any security plan, the first layer actually, before making to buy guns & ammo from Palmetto State Armory or any other reliable guns dealer-manufacturer.

Change your Locks

During a renovation, never use one key that fits all. A keyless entry is recommended, especially if your project will take a long time to complete. This lets you set times for your doors to be locked or unlocked throughout the day. Also, it will keep you informed of who his coming and going.

Light Up

Outdoor lighting and motion sensor lights can deter burglars regardless of a renovation. Intruders will feel exposed when your lights flash on and may leave. Installing motion lights at your renovation site tells intruders that you are aware of the exposure of your home to strangers and are taking precautions.