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Common Swimming Pool Repairs You Should Watch Out For

While a swimming pool can offer a lot of enjoyment, it can cause frustration when not well maintained. Pool issues tend to vary in severity and size, but even those minor problems can be hard to handle. Luckily, there are repair companies that can help you solve these issues and continue enjoying your pool. Let’s look at some of the issues you will experience as a homeowner and how pool equipment repair services will be helpful.

Pump and motor repair

The work of a pump and motor is to circulate water in the swimming pool. You can notice any issues with the equipment if the water looks dirty or cloudy since this shows that water is not circulating in the filtration unit. Another symptom of pump and motor failure includes higher electrical bills that result when the pump and motor are on continually.

Poor light problems

While burnt-out swimming pool lighting isn’t an issue in and of itself, lighting problems might translate to electrical wiring problems. If the light bulbs are burning out faster, or if you can’t get the light even after fixing a new bulb, this is a sign you need pool equipment repair services. Call an electrician o to inspect the wiring system.

Lining leaks

It’s not rare for the water level in the pool to reduce rapidly during the summer because of evaporation. Unluckily, water loss can be caused by leaks in the lining of the pool. Make sure you book a service appointment with a repair company to know the problem. A pool repair professional will carry out some tests, and if they discover a leak, they will fix it.

Pool filter repair

The significance of a pool filter relies on it keeping pool water in a pristine condition. It won’t necessarily make the water clean, but it will eliminate chemicals, debris, and other components that will make the pool not suitable for use. It can be easy to notice a faulty filter since its impacts will be noticed on the quality of water. However, by the time you see this, the pool filter will be damaged or in need of cleaning.

Pool heater repair

A pool heater serves the purpose of making the swimming pool usable in unfavorable weather conditions. Like any gadget that uses electricity, it is prone to breakage at any time. This is not something any pool owner can repair. So, you need to call a professional for high-quality pool equipment repair services. The expert will conduct some repairs and give advice on what to do to improve the lifespan of the heater.

The most effective way to evade expensive pool equipment repair services is to have frequent pool maintenance every year. This will help you identify problems at an early stage and allow you to discuss any problems you might experience in your pool with professionals who understand swimming pools.