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Common Signs of Mold exposure

Mold exposure grows in your house because the air in your house isn’t stable. It is necessary that you maintain the air quality indoors to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, if you have breathing problems, mold exposure can turn out to be a bigger problem for you. 

Defects and problems in your HVAC system is probably one of the biggest reasons why you’re suffering from so many problems. You won’t even know but mold exposure can cause some grave problems within your house. It is extremely crucial to manage the small aspects within your house and prevent the risk of mold exposure. 

Diagnosis and treatment is extremely crucial for this. The unclean ducts in your house pave the way for extensive mold exposure. Duct Masters, the experts for duct cleaning Melbourne will be able to meet your needs of cleaning the ducts effectively. Moreover, if you are exposed to mold, you are at a higher risk of developing asthma. Some of the common respiratory problems may also be developed. 

The common symptoms of mold exposure that you need to keep a check on to avoid the problem include the following

Fatigue and weakness

Fatigue and weakness may be one of the main symptoms of mold exposure. One of the common things that you need to keep in mind is that there is a huge difference between tiredness and fatigue. If you are tired, you will be prone to poor sleeping habits. But, if you are fatigued, you will feel as if you need rest throughout the day. 

Moreover, small damages in your home may also be one of the main reasons why you’re suffering from so many problems. If the air vents have discoloration, it is a huge sign that the vents need replacement. Check for damages in your overall health and house before consulting the doctor. 

Headache and sensitivity to light

If your head pains too often and suddenly you become sensitive to light, you need to be extra careful. Headache however can be a sign of many health conditions. But, if it is combined with sensitivity to light, you need to be careful. 

If you have frequent headaches, you need to consult your doctor. Your painkillers won’t work. Moreover, taking painkillers too often can be harmful for your overall health. Sensitivity to light is common for migraine patients. If you aren’t a migraine patient, it is sure that there is something wrong. 

Stiffness and joint pain

Joint pain can be a sign of various health conditions, but it can also determine that there’s mold growth in your house. Stiffness and joint pain is one of the most common symptoms of mold exposure. 

Moreover, if the condition isn’t taken care of initially, it can trigger various health reactions. It may eventually trigger chronic inflammatory response syndrome. If you have any breathing difficulty, you need to consult your doctor immediately. 

As soon as you notice the symptoms of mold exposure, make sure to visit the doctor immediately. It is advisable to take all safety measures and stay within the house or it can trigger chronic reactions.