Agile Vs. Scrum: Know the Difference

If a person is new in the field of project management, there are a lot of unacquainted terminologies and procedure that makes a person intimidating. Despite everything, project managers are fulfilling several accountabilities and roles like a part of the daily operations of their jobs. Project managers are accountable to create operative project plans, and the entire essential support plan, for those projects they are supervising. They are identifying and managing risks – which are related to their projects. They also require ensuring that projects are staying in their numerous constraints. However, the enormous listing is going on.

But as soon as you would get deeply into these details, you are required to select an appropriate project management approach on account to direct your struggles and guide your project till its end. There are a lot of other kinds of practices to select from, and every methodology is greatly suitable for other kinds of projects. These two are the common methodologies of project management: Scrum and Agile. Providing the comparisons among the two of them, it is easy to comprehend why these are at times become chaotic, though they are; actually, these are two separate concepts. Here – we go through what Agile and Scrum mean in the project-management, in what ways they are dissimilar from each other, and how they select an appropriate line of attack for your project.

What is Agile Project Management?

In simple words, agile project-management is such a framework or project philosophy – which takes an iterative approach to the accomplishment of the project. The Project-Management-Institute (P-M-I) reports – the aim of the Agile approach creating early, scalable ROI via definite, iterative-delivery of the product types. Because of its iterative nature, constant participation with the consumer is essential to make sure that anticipations are associated and enable the project manager to accept the modifications across the whole process. The stamp of agile methodology is the main guidelines and standards that would be useful throughout precise and different methodologies.

For example, if a person follows the philosophy of Agile to manage the projects, you would require owning regular dealings with the customers and end-users; you are dedicated to further open the knowledge of scope which might progress by relying on the opinion from end-users. Furthermore, you would carry on the iterative methodology to deliver the scope of the work.

What is Scrum Project Management?

Scrum project-management is the topmost renowned agile approach utilized by the project managers. Although Agile is such an orientation or philosophy, Scrum is a precise approach for the ones to manage the project. It is offering a procedure to find out the ways to determine work, who is assigned, and in what mode it would be completed, and its completion time. The approach of Scrum is categorized by small stages or sprint while there is a start of the project. 

In the course of sprint planning, the team of the project recognizes a little aspect of scope to get accomplished in the course of approaching sprint that is typically 2-4 week duration. In the last sprint, this kind of work must get prepared to be conveyed to the consumer. As a final point, the sprint finishes along with sprint-review and reviewing, or else lessons would be acquired. This procedure is recurrent across the lifespan of the project while waiting for the sum of scope has been conveyed to the client.

In other words, these are the mirror elements of regular project management. The topmost key dissimilarities, though, is how a person generates “shippable” shares of a project instead of supplying every single thing. By doing this, it lets the consumer identify the significance of the project across the entire procedure instead of waiting for the project to get finished to check the outcomes.

The Difference Between Agile and Scrum

In the meanwhile, it’s easiest to say why Scrum and Agile are much confusing because both of them are relying on iterative procedures, recurrent interactions with the client, as well as cooperative decision-making. The major dissimilarity between Scrum and Agile is that when Agile is project-management philosophy that uses the main set of principles and standards, Scrum is a precise agile approach that is utilized to help the project. It is much essential to note down that still Scrum is the approach of Agile; Agile doesn’t mean Scrum all the time; as there are several other approaches – which are available to take the approach of Agile towards project-management.

Choosing the Right Project Methodology

As soon as you own a detailed knowledge regarding Scrum and Agile and their mode of working, one can start thinking about to put on such methodologies to your projects. Although providing the dissimilarities among these two, it would not become a question that which approach you should opt for either Scrum or Agile. As an alternative, if a person decides that the methodology of Agile is greatly suitable for some of the specific projects, then a question arises. Which one of the Agile approaches you are going to use? A reply might be Scrum, or else it might be different agile approaches that are available.

To decide if Agile is best for a project then you would require considering the precise demands and limitations. Agile was mainly generated in such a theme of software enhancement projects and also operative in this context. While keeping this point, it wouldn’t be operative for those projects – which are quite strict and having development demands. On the other side of the coin, the managing values of the agile approach are extremely utilized throughout numerous other kinds of projects. In case, an agile methodology is correct for your project, you would require identifying why not Scrum seems to be the great agile approach for your particular goals and demands. Scrum mainly works with those projects which don’t have strong demands.


To remain standing up with these days – hyper-competitive tech industry, several organizations and enterprises are employing agile designers as well as the experts of Scrum at such an enormous rate, and it is working in a great manner. If a person is in a search to generate a prosperous career pathway then there is a requirement of Agile Scrum master training. It is essential to consider that the main aspect to achieve an accomplished project is not only about to select a correct approach, though implementing that approach in a skilled way is a real job.