6 Popular and Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Solo

Solo is a city that is famous for its culture is stored in the Solo Palace. The palace holds a lot of history and, of course the culture of ancient ancestors. So do not be surprised if here there are many famous historical relics and worth visiting. For this reason, this small town in Central Java is so famous, not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

Not only about the Palace and cultural tourism, but Solo also has various places that can spoil your eyes and mind for a moment. This small town also saves multiple tourist attractions that are charming. Here are some tourist attractions that you can enjoy in Solo.

1. Antik Triwindu Market

The third tourist spot that you can visit is the Triwindu Antique Market, located on Jalan Diponegoro Surakarta. There are lots of antiques in this market that are sure to be easy targets for those of you who like old things. Even so, you also have to be observant in choosing these antiques because they are secondhand goods.

You can also make an offer before buying, just like in a traditional market. The items available include ancient paintings, old types of money, coins, batik cloth, puppets, to old-fashioned parts.

2. Pandawa Water World Solo

Until now, the waterpark is one type of tourist attraction that many tourists love. The reason is, this place is very suitable to be used for a vacation with family or with friends and relatives. You can even find approximately 27 exciting rides such as wave pool, racer slide, and children & toddler pool keys in this place.

As the name suggests, this wayang-themed tour presents a blend of cultural concepts with modern nuances. You can even enjoy the various interesting facilities that are offered. Of course, Pandawa Water World Solo Baru has effortless access, which can be reached using public transportation or private vehicles.

3. Taman Balekambang

The first tourist spot in Solo is a park called Balekambang is located on Jalan Balekambang Number 1 Surakarta. This park is a historic park that was built directly by Mangkunegoro VII in 1921. The park is surrounded by green trees, making the atmosphere so cool and comfortable.

Not only trees, but there are also several spots in Balekambang Park that you can make selfie photo spots. Then, there are also some tame animals that you can see directly, such as deer, ornamental chickens, geese, and other adorable animals. You can enjoy this place every 06.00 to 17.00.

4. Dalem Kalitan

Of course, you can also enjoy cultural tourism in Solo by visiting Dalem Kalitan. This tourist spot is a relic of Sunan Paku Buwono X which serves as a family gathering place. This place even has a relaxed and comfortable feel to do various activities.

When visiting Dalem Kalitan, you must leave your identity card at the guard’s office. Then, you can enjoy the various historical beauties presented by looking at the houses in the pendopo, pringgitan, and senthong sections. This historic house has Javanese characteristics with carved teak leaf doors and a set of Javanese gamelan.

5. Alun-Alun Kidul Surakarta

The square consisting of grass s an attractive place to relax. This place that presents views of the cultural city with various children’s games and culinary delights is the main attraction. Of course, typical culinary is usually called angkringan snacks offers a variety of special foods at very affordable prices.

You can even enjoy various heavy food to light snacks such as rambak and ronde at this place. In addition, this place also presents children’s games such as decorative bicycles, fishing, and slides. You can even visit the square to see Kebo Caucasians when it’s approaching sunset.

6. Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu

The second tourist spot you can visit in Solo is Grojogan Sewu Tawangmangu, famous as a natural tourism object. You will be presented with a refreshing view of the waterfall when you visit here. Surrounded by green cliffs, this place is perfect for you to visit to calm your boredom. For only IDR 18,000, you can enter this eye-refreshing nature tour. The location is not far from the center of Solo. Only 37 km from the city, you can travel by motorbike or car.

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