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The most common long-distance moving mistakes

During a move of any kind, people tend to focus on many aspects at the same time. The longer and more complicated the move is, the bigger the chance of missing something. Sounds paradoxical, but it is the truth. Let’s Get Moving- Moving Company is a company boasting a large team of movers in Toronto Ontario that specializes in both local and long-distance relocations. We serve around 15,000 customers a year, and we have been active in this industry for over a decade. Our experience shows that there are a few common mistakes people do when planning and organizing a long-distance move. In this article, we summed them up for you. Enjoy!

We recommend you to read this article especially if this is your first long-distance move. No matter how many times you hired movers in Toronto, Ontario, for local relocations, this is not the same at all. Long-distance moves usually take longer and are influenced by many external factors. Not to mention they cost way more than local moves. Be mindful of the current global context of the COVID-19 pandemic, because this adds a lot to the list of things you should focus on. These days, movers take fewer moves than before, because they need to disinfect all surfaces and moving supplies before heading towards the next customer. But relax, because as complicated as things could get, there are always some Toronto movers available to give you a hand and a piece of advice. Below are some of the things you should never do.

Not scheduling your move in advance

The sooner, the better. Scheduling your long-distance move in advance will increase the chances of you being able to move on the preferred dates. If you have to leave your current house on a certain date, we recommend you don’t schedule your move on that same date. And this is not an issue of whether or not your Toronto movers are available, but rather on the stress this involves and the difficulty of doing so many things in one day. Especially if the drive to your new home will take around 4-5 hours, it could be better to just choose different days. Also, while there are plenty of movers in Toronto, Ontario, if you start inquiring too close to the date of the move, you might be surprised to know all the good movers are already booked. You don’t want to leave your long-distance move in the hands of rookies or of badly reviewed moving companies. Just schedule everything in advance and your troubles are over.

Don’t underestimate the time it will take to pack

Many times it happens that people will look at the inventory and underestimate the time it will take them to pack. Maybe you counted something like 7-8 hours, but forgot all about having to individually wrap the Lord of the Rings figurines or the vintage glasses. And believe us, we have been working as movers in Toronto, Ontario, for over a decade now, and this is an incredibly common mistake. The best thing you can do to void situations like this is to come with a realistic estimate, and then add a couple of extra hours that will ensure a safe backup, in case things go wrong. If packing is not your strong point or if you simply would rather not do it, you can always hire packers. Many of the moving and storage companies in Toronto offer professional packing services at affordable rates. This will remove any worry related to packing, since these men will do the full packing for you. Again, make sure to book this service in advance, to make sure you can choose your desired date and time.

Not considering the storage facilities

While people often don’t think about it, there is always the option of renting a storage unit instead of relocating everything. For example, if you have a huge house and it will require about two or three trucks to move everything, it could be easier if you store some of your belongings. At the same time, it might end up costing less. Storage is a great way to avoid cluttering your house with items you don’t use on a regular basis. Moreover, you can choose this option if you have some boxes you don’t need to unpack right away. Many moving and storage companies in Toronto offer storage units that you can hire monthly. At Let’s Get Moving, our units are 8x7x7, with temperature control and 24/7 video surveillance. This is the perfect environment to keep your precious belongings, whatever they are, without worrying you will lose or damage them. Whenever you have to move, but especially if you plan a long-distance move, take into consideration renting a storage unit!

We hope this article was helpful and, whenever you need it, we hope you find available movers Toronto that can help you. If you wish to hire an experienced, reputable moving and storage company in Toronto for your long-distance move, Let’s Get Moving is right here for you. Call us today to find out more about the services we provide and to get your free estimate!