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Preserving The Perfect Lawn


As winter takes its leave, spring peeks around the corner to brighten up the surroundings with the touch of green. The first sign is the green blades of freshly grown grass on the lawn. Cared the right way, this very lawn grass can become the lush carpet everyone wishes to walk by every day.

Prepping the Lawn

Starting with a freshly prepped lawn can ensure a good foundation for the beginning of the journey to owning a beautiful green patch. To prepare the yard, one must make sure no random weeds are popping out of nowhere. The key is to pull them out before they can spread further. The second thing to consider as a part of the prep is raking. Dry, fallen leaves might look nice during fall, but it takes away from the greenery. The final step is to aerate the soil. There are three ways of aerating a lawn, but the most popular one is core aeration. This method stimulates the growth of healthy grass as it allows for sunlight, water, and other nutrients to absorb into the soil faster. Liquid aeration or spike aeration can also work, in which case, various sprinkler installation services provide a wide selection of sprinklers to help with the liquid aeration method.

Nourishing the Lawn

Much like any other plant, lawn grass needs nourishment too. The best way to nourish the grass is to feed them fertilizers. Depending on the health of the soil, it should have a ph level somewhere between 6-7.5. Fertilizers can fall under a scale of 0-14, 0 being overly acidic, 14 being alkaline. Testing the soil beforehand to find the right balance will help in picking the ideal fertilizer for the grass. A good mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium will aid in this process.

Watering the Lawn

This step is arguably essential in taking care of a lawn. The amount of water the grass receives can determine its health and growth. As challenging as it may sound, watering a lawn regularly can do wonders for it. There are a few key factors to consider before watering a lawn.

  • Timing is vital. Watering the grass after midnight or early in the morning will give the best results as the weather is cool enough to cause no evaporation. Doing this helps the soil retain the highest level of moisture required.
  • Using a sprinkler system can help achieve a more consistent distribution of water. Most sprinkler installation services can provide sprinklers with the pulsating setting to water the lawn evenly. This way, no spot is missed or overwatered.
  • Watering the lawn at least twice a week without fail can ensure the longevity of luscious grass during the season. Various sprinklers have a timer setting that can timely water the lawn, whether it’s daily or weekly. Sprinkler installation services have a wide range of sprinklers that can help take care of this task without fail if invested in the right one.


All in all, having a well-functioning irrigation system along with the correct steps to prep a lawn can do wonders as it can guarantee a healthy and vibrant green lawn throughout the seasonal period. It plays an integral part in lawn care and making a house into a home.