Mentoring activities you need to try during your next meeting

Every occasion you meet, you don’t just have a casual talk; mentoring is about developing a long-lasting relationship based on trust. Because of this, creating a solid connection with your protégé is essential if you wish them to thrive in life.

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Activities to try out:

  1. Take a stroll or stop by a peaceful cafe

We are all aware that the capacity to establish trust and a good foundation with such a mentee makes the distinction between a successful mentoring program and a subpar one. Even if it seems very cliche, meeting their mentee for a quiet cup of coffee or tea or a stroll around the park is an excellent way to grow a bond. In our opinion, you shouldn’t do this at your first meeting. This is an exciting way to change things up after you’ve started to build the mentoring relationship. However, the initial meeting should be completely focused, quiet, and confidential. You will have the chance to interact with one another, lay the groundwork for your future connection, and collaborate on some goal-setting at this meeting. Meeting in a far less formal setting eases any tension or concerns that either party may be experiencing. Even though this is still not practical for mentors who work remotely, many fantastic zoom backgrounds can help defuse the situation and let kids pretend for even a short while. Mentoring platforms give different skillset as per needed.

  1. Examine a book

It goes without saying that reading is essential for development. There is an activity for everyone, whether you’re trying to acquire a new set of skills or are simply interested in reading the latest fiction book. With the advent of e-books and the following delivery through Amazon Prime, reading has become immensely accessible over time, so there’s no excuse why anyone can’t indulge in a few hours of reading each month. We advise that mentees and mentors read a novel together because it will keep the conversation going and be a great learning experience. You won’t have trouble locating a book that satisfies the requirements, no matter what the mentee tries to accomplish. The manuscript can be debated in meetings about how it might aid the mentee in their career. The mentor also should send the mentee other resources and materials that cover similar ground to the book.

  1. Make a plan.

Any mentoring relationship through a mentoring platform should start with creating a mentorship strategy. A mentorship plan from a mentoring platform is often an agreement outlining both parties’ expectations, objectives, and intentions. This benefits both parties because having a plan in place guarantees that their expectations are in line and enables the mentor to assess the candidate’s suitability for the position. When making plans, it’s crucial to specify how frequently you’ll meet, the goal of your mentoring sessions, the location of your meetings, and the duration of your mentoring relationship.

  1. Trade-off job shadowing

People employ job shadowing as a standard technique throughout the world. Why? since it is effective. Job shadowing is an excellent activity to engage in with a mentee because mentoring relationships are frequently centered on career coaching. Job shadowing is having a mentee follow their mentor around for a while to obtain more in-depth knowledge of their profession and a different viewpoint. This is especially helpful for those wishing to change careers or for junior employees trying to understand the required abilities and the regular tasks associated with the position. Remember that a mentor must schedule time before and after the workday to respond to any queries the mentee may have.

Job shadowing is not really something you do in person; it may also be done virtually. People can now connect utilizing screen-sharing tools thanks to advancements in technology: Mentoring platforms aid employees and students with their materials.

  1. Talk about relevant events and news

Mentoring platforms are critical currently. A mentee would probably find some of the thousands of news pieces and materials issued every day to be valuable and relatable. A mentor and mentee from a mentoring platform can utilize the news as a topic of conversation during meetings and as a tool to spark ideas with one another by reviewing it each week for stories that pertain to the goals of the mentoring relationship. Even better, mentors can make it a task again for mentees by asking them to present one article related to their objectives at each mentoring session.