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How to choose an AC for your home?  

Air conditioners are in high demand these days. With so many options available, it is not easy to know which one you have. Using this detailed guide on how to choose the best AC for you has made it very easy for us to buy an AC.

Guidelines to choose AC


TONNAGE When you try to cool a room, you need to look at the size of the room, the number of heat sources, the temperature of the geographical area, the number of windows in the room, and the surfaces in contact with the sun. These elements go into the simple laws of thermodynamics, but we are not going to teach you physics in this guide, but throw it into simple logic.

Thankfully, air conditioners (AC) are much more affordable and more efficient these days and always go for licensed contractors for your AC.


With heavy equipment, you will always find that you are applying for an energy efficiency class. Every air conditioning system needs a label Bureau of Energy Efficiency, which indicates its efficiency on a 5-star scale. The more stars you have on this scale, the more efficient the air conditioning will be.

The energy efficiency ratio is calculated simply by taking the cooling capacity of the AC and dividing it by the power consumed by that AC.  You can search on google for best companies near me for your AC requirements.


DC (direct current) power is converted into AC (alternating current) power by ACS inverters. Inside the air conditioners, you first take the AC power from the wall socket and convert it to DC and switch it back to AC for the compressor motor. Conventional air conditioners are used in a certain way, so the compressors would be in an on or off state.

Inverter air conditioners are more dynamic at switching frequency. This allows the compressor to operate very efficiently in variable mode; You can vary the ton / capacity of the air conditioner according to your need. This precise control allows you to control the temperature better than traditional air conditioners.