Grojogan Sewu: A Natural Waterfall Near Solo You Must Visit

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There are loads of fascinating things to do in Solo (or even Surakarta), famed because of the artsy ‘batik’ design clothing with flower motifs. Like most other foreign tourists, you might visit Solo to buy excellent premium batik. While in town, you might also find the palace of their dwelling the Mangkunegaran Kingdom and try various Javanese dishes. But if you’re finished with those, do not go home however, as farther east is where Mount Lawu can be situated.

It is among the most well-known places for mountain biking, however other than simply a hiking place, you will come across many attractions worth visiting situated on the mountain slope. Together with Mount Lawu, it’s also wise to stop by a gorgeous waterfall called Grojogan Sewu (literally meaning that a million showers), situated in Tawangmangu village, roughly an hour’s drive from Solo.

The Towering Waterfall

In the mountain area, there are some waterfalls, such as Jumog and Parang Ijo Waterfall. However, the 81-meter tall ‘Grojogan Sewu’ waterfall, which is located 100 meters above sea level, is the tallest. The decreasing water spreads tiny water droplets, which may reach one in the distance. Therefore, it is better if you keep your camera warm (unless it is watertight). In addition, to make yourself dry, you also have to bring a raincoat or spare clothing, even if you don’t intend to play in the water.

Along the Way to Grojogan Sewu

You will wonder what type of fun you’ll have in the waterfall. However, the pleasure starts in the road excursion from Solo. It is an hour’s journey into Grojogan Sewu. Because you become nearer to the place, you’ll pass across, twisting, steep roads into the mountain, and along how you can observe the metropolitan areas, the hills, mountains, as well as monkeys!

Ride a Horse

As you arrive in the parking area, you have to walk a couple of hundred meters into the locket. For your option, you can ride a pony for only IDR 15,000. There are also some stalls between the parking lot and the locket, which offer souvenirs like t-shirts with the word ‘Grojogan Sewu’ and the picture printed on it and the Javanese sculptures.

Monkeys on the Way

After paying the entry ticket (160,000 IDR/12.17 USD for each individual and free for kids under 5), then you have to walk more than 600 stairs throughout the entrance path before reaching the waterfall. In the parking space into the entry and most of the way to the sea, not only are you going to be capable of seeing that the greeneries (you will find a lot of pine trees), however, it is also possible to view monkeys (the ‘macaque’ kind of species, such as those found in several areas in Bali).

You can feed the reptiles, but it is likely to be at your cost. Be sure you keep your eye on your valuables and food, as your camera along with a telephone, since these monkeys are not shy. As soon as they take good care of your possessions, it is unlikely to be returned for you.

Eat Satay

After obtaining enough of this waterfall, you ought to be hungry. Close to the region, you can observe lots of hawkers selling satay, among Indonesia’s best delicacies! It is skewered chicken (and bunny too), barbecued to a bit of charcoal grill, and simmer for many moments before being served with peanut sauce. Not only does one enjoy the sweet, tasty taste, however, you’ll also be fascinated with all the aromatic odor. It charges you just 10,000 IDR (0.77 USD) for every ten pieces, such as ‘lontong’ the cake, which means that you can always readily have another part of it if your desire is not happy.

Visit on Weekdays

After all that, you have to increase through the exit path, distinct from the entry path, where you will want to climb about precisely the same number of stairs, which will create the whole about 1250 staircase. It takes you about 10 minutes to reach the waterfall but might take around 20 minutes to make it to the top. The floor is quite slippery. Therefore it’s better if you wear boots since the nearer you’re out of your waterfall, the more slippery the staircase becomes.

It’s illegal to get too near the waterfall because the mighty current makes it unsafe for a person to be underneath. Round the waterfall, it is also possible to do adventuresome tasks, such as flying fox (flying while still dangling on a rope) and rafting. There’s also a swimming pool. However, because they aren’t heated, it will be somewhat chilly! It is far much better to focus on weekdays as on weekends, the area is overwhelmed by traffic, and you need to queue for a very long time to get your ticket.

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