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Everything You Need To Know About Terracotta Roof Tile

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There are numerous roofing materials, but terracotta roofing tiles are the most trending ones at present. Terra cotta roof tile is popular in Florida as terracotta is a safe choice for coastal areas. Terracotta tiles for the roofs can last up to 100 years with proper care and maintenance. This feature makes them the longest-lasting roof tiles, hence the most preferred by most coastal residents.

If you are a resident of coastal Florida, you need to comprehend terracotta tiles’ general uses. This article presents you with the benefits and the cost of roofing your houses with terracotta tiles so you can make an assured decision.

Why Are Terracotta Roof Tiles Preferred In The Coastal Regions?

Terracotta tiles for roofing are preferred as suitable options for houses in the coastal region due to multiple reasons. The seasonal factors such as the salty atmosphere, high winds, and high temperatures can take a toll on the standard roofing materials like asphalt shingles. Therefore, terracotta tiles for roofing are selected. The general reasons to opt for Terracotta for roofing in the coastal regions are as follows-

  • Terracotta is resistant to damage from the salty atmosphere around the area.
  • Terracotta roofing tiles hold a high durability level. Therefore, they can withstand high winds or a hurricane.
  • The terracotta material is energy efficient due to its high thermal mass.
  • The terracotta tiles regulate your home’s high temperature better than other types of roofing materials.

Benefits of Terracotta Roof Tiles

Here are a few benefits of selecting terracotta tiles for roofing-

  • Terracotta tiles for roofing are impervious, durable, natural, and can withstand any natural turbulences such as rain, snow, cycles of freezing and thawing, and salty air.
  • Terracotta tiles are fireproof and can last up to 100 years or even more.
  • They are almost maintenance-free as they are easy to recycle and do not harm the environment.
  • Terracotta tiles are composed of the reflective color red, low-reflectance, and lower energy costs that make them more comfortable building interiors.
  • Terracotta roofing tiles can achieve higher reflectivity, emissivity indices, save energy, and are environmentally sustainable.
  • Terracotta tiles can withstand stresses, including severe weather, hail and handling, and installation.
  • Terracotta tiles for roofing are available in several shapes and sizes to give a unique look to the roof architecture. Terracotta roofing tiles are installed with several interlocking systems to ensure that the terracotta tiles protect the roof and remain in place.
  • The material terracotta also prevents moisture from seeping between the roofing tiles.

Terracotta Roof Tiles Cost

Terracotta tiles for roofing cost around $10 to $25 per square foot to install. However, the roofing tiles’ cost includes a material price of $5 to $10 per square foot, which is more expensive than clay roof tiles.

How To Maintain Terracotta Roof Tiles?

Terracotta roof tiles should be inspected periodically to check the underlayment and flashing. These parts may need to be replaced regularly to ensure that the terracotta roof remains watertight.

Additionally, terracotta roofs need periodic gutter cleaning, just like the other roofing materials. Homeowners who forget to clean the terracotta roofing tiles’ gutters are bound to face battling water leaks, drainage problems down the road, and wood rot. If debris falls on the terracotta tile roofing, the roof tiles must be removed.

The terracotta tiles should not be walked upon as the tiles can break when stepped upon. The cost of repairing a broken terracotta roof tile can be expensive. Therefore, a broken tile should be avoided. To clear the debris off the terracotta roof to prevent damage, you must contact a roofing repair company for assistance or by raking it off.

Signs Of Terracotta Roof Tiles Damage

The first indication of a problem with your terracotta roofing tiles is a missing piece or a broken piece. Another sign of a problem with your roofing tile is damaged flashing, which indicates that the roof needs to be repaired, but it can be difficult to be spotted.

The next clear sign of damage is interior leaks; however, there is a possibility that the leaks can be a consequence of other sources besides the roof. If the leak corresponds to rainfall, then it means that your terracotta tile roofing needs repair.


Terracotta, commonly known as the fired clay tile, has been used as a roofing material for thousands of years. Terracotta roof tile was widely used on Spanish mansions throughout Florida and the western states. If you are a resident of coastal Florida, this article presents you with all the right reasons to go with this roof tile.