5 Ways You Can Guard Against A Ransomware Attack

Ten years ago, the biggest internet-related fear of almost every business or individual online was the risk of hacking. It probably still is today. Back then, though, hackers were likely to access your computer through compromised software, usually caused by a virus. We were all told never to click on...

Calling all Pizza Connoisseurs

If pizza is your middle name and you claim your right to be a "foodie," you may want to consider one of the best ways to make the ultimate pizza, pasta, and home-made cooking that everyone enjoys in one of the highest quality outdoor, woodfired pizza ovens, the best on...

How to Find a Sponsor Employer for an Artist Visa

To get many US visas, you need a job offer because an employer must sign a petition on your behalf to enable you to get the visa and work in the United States. There are different types of visas that target artists, nonimmigrant workers, and immigrant workers. Besides that, an...
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