Atlantis Water Park Dives

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark of Dubai has one of the biggest aquariums in the world. And, you can dive into aquarium! Ambassador Lagoon aquarium boasts of about 65,000 marine animals in the aquarium! The incumbents of the aquarium include the sharks and stingrays among other fish. Visit Coupon Emirates and lay your hands on Aquaventure Offers coupon, to get as much discount so that you can enjoy as much time or as many packages on offer!

Ambassador Lagoon and Shark Lagoon

The Aquaventure waterpark of Atlantis Dubai claims an 11 million liter marine habitat to about 65000 marine creatures, in the Ambassador Lagoon. The lagoon is taken care of, by specialist care teams, round the clock. With so much knowledge that these teams have gained, you as a visitor get to learn a lot. The various educational programs that impart you hitherto unknown knowledge are the conservation efforts, essential environmental science and animal welfare that focuses on the marine life. You get to see the sea horses, jelly fish, sharks, rays, and scores of other fish. In fact, you dive deep into the aquarium, to mingle with all these unharming creatures and befriend them for a lifetime experience.

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Aquatrek and Aquatrek Extreme

You can’t swim and you don’t want to swim! Not an issue. In the Ambassador Lagoon, you get to walk on a shallow ledge, at a depth of about 3 meters with a specialized oxygen helmet on. All ages from 8 to 80 years are allowed to experience this trek in the water infested by the sharks, rays and other sea creatures. Of course, you are always accompanied by an instructor to safely guide you along. You can bring your underwater camera or hire a Go-Pro from the kiosk to record your experiences under water! The Aqutrek Extreme takes you to 10 meters depth for an unique and thrilling experience of being under ocean or sea!

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Shark Safari

At the Atlantis Aquaventure’s Shark Lagoon bay, you come face to face with variety of sharks, not just one or two, but many! The sharks include guitar shark, bowmouth shark, reef sharks, apart from cownose rays, cowtail rays, porcupine rays, along with black spotted snapper, seabream, parrotfish and many other exotic fish. You can spend about 20 minutes under water with all these creatures and observe them and their behavior from close quarters. Of course, you don’t require to know swimming!

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The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers is a theme of the lost Atlantis! Otherwise, you get to explore amazing species of fish never ever seen or heard of. The massive grouper fish, vivacious clown fish, an intimidating moray eel and may others have made the Lost Chambers their home! You have in all bout 21 exhibits to explore and experience the chambers. Visit and make sure that you use the Aquaventure Offers coupon for an exciting and fully enjoyable visit to such massive aquariums.