Why Choose Steel for Building Material?

Since ancient times, wood has been the preferred material for building homes as well other types of structures. The self-replenishing nature, wide availability and ease of its usage are the main reasons for this. But, with present day’s modern manufacturing infrastructure and reduction in sources of wood, steel is being widely used as the main construction material.

Currently, steel is the most popular choice for building material for most of the construction contractors. In comparison to wood, steel is more durable, when treated properly. Steel is not significantly heavier than some wood types, like oak, and woodlands can be saved too. Buildings made using steel are resistant to man-made and natural wear. They can even withstand fire, termites, rot and rust.

Here are some reasons for choosing steel as a perfect building material:

  • No threat to environment

When steel is widely used as construction material, there is little or no threat to the environment. Forests and trees will be saved from getting cut and therefore, steel is environmental-friendly too.

  • More resistant

If you see, steel is more resistant to most of the natural disasters, like hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes. It is impervious to the havocs of the dreaded termite and mold that causes millions of dollars of destruction or damage to real estate each year. This does add to the loss that builders and material haulers must cope with.

  • Strong and cost effective

Steel is widely used in all types of construction work as it binds perfectly well with concrete. It is strong and possesses a similar thermal expansion coefficient and relatively cost effective too. Reinforced concrete is even used to provide deep basements and foundations and at present, it is the world’s top building material.

  • Efficient, fast and resourceful

Steel can be assembled efficiently and quickly in all seasons. Its various components are pre-manufactured offsite with very less on-site labor by many reputed steel manufacturers like Instant Steel Solutions. The complete steel frame could be erected in just few days rather than a few weeks.

This corresponds to 20% to 40% reduction in construction time. For single dwellings, or more challenging sites, this wonderful metal often permits less points of instant contact with the Earth; this reduces the level of excavation required. It even helps to reduce management costs and a much earlier return on investment.

  • Aesthetical appeal

Slender framing of steel creates attractive buildings with a sense of openness. Its malleability and flexibility inspire architects to pursue and even achieve their goals in terms of exploring unique textures as well as shapes. These amazing aesthetic qualities are harmonized by steel’s functional characteristics which include its dimensional stability with passing time, outstanding spanning ability, endless recyclability and the precision and speed in which it is build and assembled with minimal labor.

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