Guide To Knowing All About Slide Bearing

Slide bearings are preferably used for construction purposes. In simple terms, it is a machinery component used to steer or support a shaft so that movements can be done feasibly. The bearings are mainly used if there are slow movements and high loading. Here, the activities can be either axial or radial. Regarding Lmk slide bearing (ลูกปืนสไลด์ LMK, which is a term in Thai), they are typically used for Shaft Dia and come with high accuracy.

Features Of Slide Bearings

The following are said to be the main features of slide Bearings:

  • The bearings consist of a ball retainer, balls, and an outer cylinder along two end rings.
  • The parts are assembled in such a way that they can perform at their best
  • Resin is used to make the ball retainer
  • Wiper seals are on both sides of linear bearings that don’t allow the dust to let in, hence retaining the oil inside.

Advantages Of Slide Bearings

With the help of slide bearing, you can conduct movements with precise and high accuracy. The following are said to be the reasons as to why you should go for Slide Bearings:

  • High Load Bearing Capacity: It is known to be less destructive as compared to other types of bearings and is rightly capable of high load bearing.
  • Decrease In The Construction Cost: This is affordable and reduces the overall construction cost. In a nutshell, it’s more of a cost-effective method.
  • Can Withstand Shocks: One of the major benefits of this is that they can handle almost anything that comes there, for example. These slide bearings can easily hold the most unexpected shocks, making them a perfect choice for opting.

Disadvantages Of Slide Bearings

The following are said to be some of the disadvantages of Slide Bearings:

  • Complicated Maintenance: After installation, the bearings demand maintenance is quite complex and high. This may be one of the major problems that come in the way of opting for the slide bearings.
  • Generate Comparatively More Heat: if the combinations are functioning at high speed, it will lead to overheating, hence taking things downhill and frustrating the whole plan.


A slide bearing can also be referred to as plain or even sliding. Another benefit of using it is to reduce the friction when the surfaces rotate, slide, or even reciprocate, thereby ensuring smooth conduction of movements. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about Slide Bearings.